North Korea’s Hereditary Leadership is a Clean Break with Communist Ideology


Translator’s Note: This is an English translation of the original Chinese language text entitled ‘朝鲜规定主体世袭 与共产主义划清界线’, or ‘North Korea’s Hereditary Leadership is a Clean Break with Communist Ideology’. Its subject matter covers the alteration of the North Korean constitution in 2013 – which used to strictly follow the ideology of Marxist-Leninist Communist thinking – with the removal of all references to the concept of ‘Communism’ and to the principle of ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’, and replaced them with the notion of the autocratic rule of the Kim family. The Chinese author quotes a South Korean source critical of the DPRK regime – but stops short of directly criticising North Korea. This article points out the apparent divergence from Marxist-Leninism doctrine that this DPRK move suggests, and implies that it is absurd for North Korea to assert that it alone is the only remaining ‘true’ path to Communism, whilst it has instigated what amounts to a retrogressive return to a feudalistic hierarchy premised upon a ‘top down’ Confucian imperial system. The author further states that the DPRK action is very different from Chinese Socialism – as China threw-off its imperialist system in 1911 and has never returned to it – and that if North Korea can behave in this way and re-write the rules associated with Communist ideology, it should grant the same liberal approach to the other Communist countries (such as China, Cuba, and Vietnam, etc) it routinely attacks and demeans through its aggressive political rhetoric. ACW 14.11.14

North Korea has this year (2013) amended the ‘Ten Great Principles’ (十大原则 – Shi Da Yuan Ze), particularly in the section dealing with the ‘Subject of Great Revolutionary Undertaking’ (主体革命伟业 – Zhu Ti Ge Ming Wei Ye), where the subsection entitled the ‘Great Undertaking of Communist Ideology’ (共产主义伟业 – Gong Chan Zhu Yi Wei Ye), has been deleted, along with all guidelines relating to the ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’ (无产阶级专政 – Wu Chan Jie Ji Zhuan Zheng), and replaced with the affirmation of the principle of the North Korean institution of the ‘White Top Mountain Family Lineage’ (白头山血统 – Bai Tou Shan Xue Tong) – which formally enshrines and legitimises in DPRK law – the continuous exercising of political power by Kim Jong Un (金正恩 – Jin Zheng En) and his family, through the sustaining of a hereditary regime. According to South Korean media opinion, this move is more in keeping with the old doctrine of feudalistic ‘dynastic rule’ (王朝国家 – Wang Chao Guo Jia), rather than with the correct following of Marxist-Leninism in the modern world. This DPRK action appears to be a retrospective step that breaks completely with established Communist (Marxist-Leninist) ideology, and reintroduces the tyrannical concept of a robe wearing emperor.

According to a researcher from the South Korean Policy Institute, the North Korean decision has instigated the ‘White Top Mountain Family Lineage’ so as to legitimise and strengthen the Kim family, and to justify the past actions of the regime’s founder – Kim Il Sung (金日成 – Jin Ri Cheng), his son Kim Jong Il (金正日 – Jin Zheng Ri), and his grandson Kim Jong Un – three generations to date. This suggests that the DPRK has made a complete break with Marxist-Leninist ideology, and instead has established a rule by dictatorship where the thinking of the Kim family is considered more important and superior to the thinking of Karl Marx and Lenin, etc. The South Korean researcher further stated:

“Despite this movement away from orthodox Communist ideology, the DPRK still maintains the principle of ‘Unity with the South through Communisation (对南赤化统一 – Dui Nan Chi Hua Tong Yi)’ route.”

Obviously this patriarchal lineage of three generations (that will continue into the future through its family bloodline), has no other precedent in any Socialist country, particularly when compared to the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the world today it cannot be truthfully said that there is a Capitalist Bloc and a Socialist Bloc standing in isolated opposition to one another. This is because there is a mixing of systems and the continuous breaking of previously established boundaries. China’s official policy is one of respect for North Korea’s self-determination, as well as an equal respect for country’s that follow different political paths. This is important as it acknowledges the different stages of socio-economic development that all nations transition through with a tolerant attitude.  This position demonstrates China’s attitude of respect toward the world community.

North Korea’s Hereditary Leadership is a Clean Break with Communist Ideology: [Road State Network –]


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2014.


Original Chinese Language Source Article:

朝鲜规定主体世袭 与共产主义划清界线




朝鲜规定主体世袭 与共产主义划清界线来自[道州网]





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