Tragic Photographic Evidence of the Invading Japanese Army Unit 731

Soviet POW Dissected Alive
Soviet POW Dissected Alive

Translator’s Note: This is an English translation of the original Chinese language article entitled ‘日军侵华731部队罪证:活体解剖高清照片 惨绝人寰!’, or ‘Tragic Photographic Evidence of the Invading Japanese Army Unit 731’. When WWII came to an end in China – the US military became aware that the Japanese had been carrying-out illegal germ warfare and biological experiments on living human beings – and meticulously recording their findings. The US granted the ‘doctors’ involved immunity from war crimes prosecution (and US citizenship), if they agreed to handover all their findings and share their knowledge with the US government. ACW 16.11.14

This is the recording of the war crimes committed by the Japanese army section known as Unit 731 through a high quality photograph showing the image of a Soviet POW being dissected alive by Japanese ‘medics’. Unit 731 experimented on Chinese, Koreans, and Soviet POW’s, as well as others. Unit 731 operated during World War II as part of the Japanese invading army’s Guangdong Epidemic Prevention Department of Water Supply. This was a top secret Japanese governmental unit designed to appear helpful on the surface, whilst pursuing a ruthless programme of vivisection experiments on living human beings. Its full name was Japanese Guangdong Army in Manchuria No. 731 Prevention Department of Water Supply. Evidence of the Japanese Unit 731 existence is located in ruins in the Pingfang district, of Harbin province. Unit 731 operated during the Sino-Japanese War and the WWII period. The Japanese fascists operated Unit 731 as a biological and germ warfare research programme, which carried-out experiments on living human beings. In reality, Unit 731 – as a medical military unit – was not only killing people through its experimentation, but was also introducing illnesses into Chinese society between 1931 and 1945. This is an example of yet another massacre carried-out against the Chinese people by the Japanese fascists.

The US knew about Japanese aggression in China prior to WWII, but chose to turn a blind eye toward it, whilst simultaneously always looking for a greater influence in Chinese affairs. When the US eventually went to war with Japan, it did so to protect its own colonial property in the Philippines and elsewhere in the area. Today, Japan and the USA are staunch allies in an anti-China alliance. The people of China must unite and invest in the future of the country to prevent what happened in the past, happening again.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2014.



Original Chinese Language Article:

日军侵华731部队罪证:活体解剖高清照片 惨绝人寰!




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