China: Ministry Condemns US ‘Repression’ Allegations! (28.4 .2023)

2023-04-27 Editor:Li Yan

China’s Ministry of Public Security strongly protested and condemned the United States on Wednesday for its malicious fabrication of “transnational repression” allegations against 40 Chinese law enforcement officers and other officials.

The ministry urged the U.S. Department of Justice to stop the wrongful actions. Otherwise, it will take countermeasures, the ministry said in a statement.

Ministry officials lodged stern representations and strong protests with the representatives of the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation Beijing Office on Wednesday, said the statement.

The ministry firmly opposes the U.S.’ malicious fabrication of these allegations and its use of criminal cases to engage in political manipulation. Furthermore, the ministry strongly opposes U.S. law enforcement’s assistance to the U.S. government in smearing and defaming the Chinese government under the pretext of law enforcement.

The U.S. claims to be impartial, independent and nonpolitical, but its actions in this matter revealed its true nature as it preemptively assumed guilt and concocted false charges, seriously harming the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, the statement said.

China strongly protests against these actions and demands that the U.S. immediately stop its political manipulation and judicial bullying.

The ministry firmly opposes the U.S.’ “heinous act” of prosecuting Chinese police officers and officials in the field of cyberspace without any legal basis. The accusations are entirely baseless and a brazen attempt to blame China for their own actions.

China consistently adheres to the principle of noninterference in internal affairs and strictly abides by international law, respecting the judicial sovereignty of all nations.

In contrast, the U.S. consistently abuses extraterritorial and long-arm jurisdiction to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs.

“Who is the ‘world police,’ and whose law enforcement personnel engage in various forms of interference and repression worldwide? The world can clearly see that the label of ‘transnational repression’ is most appropriate for the U.S. itself,” the statement said.

The ministry urged U.S. law enforcement to immediately stop these accusations and judicial prosecutions against Chinese officials and to recognize the serious harm caused by this frivolous litigation.

The ministry demands that the U.S. immediately take measures to eliminate the negative impact of its actions and cease any other provocative and confrontational behavior, returning to normal law enforcement cooperation as soon as possible.

If the U.S. continues going down the wrong path, China will undoubtedly take firm and resolute countermeasures, the ministry said.