Cuba Solidarity Campaign – Spring 2023! (20.4.2023)

It was John F Kennedy (the darling of the liberals) who not only nearly plunged the world into nuclear war with the USSR – but also initiated the illegal and racist ‘Blockade’ on the Socialist island nation of (Sovereign) Cuba! This drug-addict (and his wife) was deeply involved with Mafia criminality in the US – and was paying regularly to have sexual relations with Marilyn Monroe! Monroe has long been suspected of being a secret ‘Communist’ (due to her working-class background and the manner in which she positively treated the Mexicans who worked for her) – and this has raised issues of what it was that JFK actually believed – and the ideological direction he was leading America in! Contradictory – yes – but just two weeks prior his death – Kennedy gave a speech eulogising the ‘Unions’! I am told that the US Intelligence Services spied on Kennedy and audiotaped his sex sessions with Monroe. Whatever the case, Kennedy’s racist attitude toward the non-White Cuban State set the agenda for the manner in which the US has treated Cuba ever since! The world beyond US anti-intellectualism has united around supporting the Cuban State and in circumnavigating the illegal Blockade (which is designed to commit genocide against the Cuban people)! We, the ordinary people, will NOT give in to US racism and bullying on the International Stage! We will work around the US illegality – and we will prevail!