Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Russian 82 mm Mortar Attack On AFU! (10.4.2023)

AFU Comes Under Russian Forces Attack!

This is an interesting piece of footage as it records an AFU Patrol coming under Russian Forces mortar attack. Of course, like all the footage from this war – I have no way of telling if it is ‘real’. If it is genuine, then it involves Russian aerial drone footage of the AFU Patrol as it comes under 82 mm mortar attack. This is combined with what appears to be the individual Go-Pro footage of the AFU soldiers themselves – as they struggle to cope with what is happening. I can only assume that this footage was a) recovered from their dead bodies, or b) recovered from their living bodies when they were taken Prisoner by the Russian Forces. When the two streams of footage are integrated – a valuable record of modern soldiering is formed.

This seems to be a three-man Patrol – very similar to that preferred for use in the British Army – and interestingly, one of the soldiers has a ‘British’ (Union Jack) flag designation on his uniform (visible at the 0.46 mark)! I also note that whilst speaking Ukrainian – there is also a short exchange of ‘English’. As I have no background data on which AFU Unit this is – I can only assume it is something similar to the fascist ‘International Legion’ or perhaps another of the punitive ‘Nationalist Battalions’ – all of which pledge their allegiance to Adolf Hitler and his anti-Russian pogrom! I am also unaware of the exact location of this action.

I suspect this is a ‘Probing Patrol’ of the AFU that got caught in the open and was destroyed. What the far-right has been doing in America is taking footage of destroyed AFU Units (usually with a large number of dead bodies strewn across the battlefield) and ‘blurring-out’ the shoulder patches. The Neo-Nazis are then falsely informing the gullible Western audience that these are ‘dead’ Russians and that the AFU has won yet another glorious victory! Even the bias EU – which is supporting Neo-Nazi Ukraine – has admitted that the AFU has lost at least 100,000 soldiers in just the last year! If correct, this is a phenomenal amount of human-beings!