DPRK: Respected Comrade Kim Jung Un Personally ‘Guided’ Nuclear Testing Programme! (28.3.2023)

Issued by the Korean Central News Agency – March 28th (112-2023) – Pyongyang.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, personally guided the nuclear weapons projects on March 27th (112-2023).

Participating were Comrade Hong Seung Mu, First Vice Director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, officials of the Munitions Industry Department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and officials of the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute and the General Missile Bureau.

The DPRK Nuclear Weapons Institute has been conducting projects in recent years to qualitatively strengthen the DPRK’s nuclear forces in accordance with the direction and strategic policy for developing nuclear weapons presented by the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. This results of this effort have been reported to Comrade Kim Jong Un refarding the general state of affairs and production.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un possesses a detailed understanding of the technical specifications and structural action characteristics of all new tactical nuclear weapons – including the application (and theoretical planned usage) of nuclear weapons, the purpose of operational usage and the target of strike and the compatibility with different weapon systems, etc. With regards to comprehensive tactical training, he learned about the state of information technology and discussed the safety of the “Nuclear Trigger,” the comprehensive State nuclear weapons management system – the underlying and defining science, reliability and safety were rigorously verified.

He also reviewed the prepared nuclear counterattack operational plan and orders.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is of the opinion that the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute has transformed DPRK nuclear forces into a reliable deterrent capable of responding to any nuclear emergency in accordance with the Party Central Committee’s strategic plan and intention for the integrated operation of nuclear weapons by different means in a multifaceted operational space. He highly appreciated the tireless efforts contributed to the work to strengthen the country and the great achievements made in this area!

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un stated with deep emotion that we have unyieldingly walked the arduous yet long road to possessing nuclear weapons which deter the enemy with a tremendous self-defence capability which is not aimed at any country or specific group – but will only be used if the DPRK is attacked. He reiterated that such a scenario would be a catastrophe and that the Party’s line to build nuclear forces was thoroughly aimed at safeguarding the country’s long-term safety and to secure regional peace and stability.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that we must never be satisfied with the work of establishing a thorough response posture for our nuclear force and that we must continue to strive for the ceaseless strengthening of our nuclear force. He said that nuclear weapons will never be used (only developed for self-defence), and only when an unimaginably powerful and superior nuclear force is deployed against the DPRK, the enemy will be deterred and will be afraid of us – not daring to touch our national sovereignty, system and people.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that in order to thoroughly carry out the Party Central Committee’s plan to exponentially increase the number of nuclear weapons possessed by the Nuclear Weapons Institute and the nuclear power sector, production of weapons-grade nuclear materials should be expanded with the prospect of encouraging a continuous production of powerful nuclear weapons. In doing so, he set forth essential tasks for the nuclear weapons research institute and the nuclear sector.

The scientists and officials of the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute, who once again accepted the direct guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, are always faithful to the important missions given by the Party and the Revolution, the country and the people, and have produced powerful nuclear weapons as befits the reliable “nuclear deterrents” of our Party. We expressed a fierce determination to faithfully defend the sacred Revolutionary Cause of Juche. (End)

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North Korean Language Article:


경애하는 김정은동지께서 핵무기병기화사업을 지도하시였다

(평양 3월 28일발 조선중앙통신)

조선로동당 총비서이시며 조선민주주의인민공화국 국무위원장이신 경애하는 김정은동지께서 3월 27일 핵무기병기화사업을 지도하시였다.

조선로동당 중앙위원회 제1부부장 홍승무동지를 비롯한 당중앙위원회 군수공업부 일군들과 핵무기연구소와 미싸일총국의 일군들이 참가하였다.

조선민주주의인민공화국 핵무기연구소는 조선로동당 제8차대회와 당중앙위원회 제8기 제6차전원회의가 제시한 핵무기발전방향과 전략적방침에 따라 공화국핵무력을 질량적으로 강화하기 위한 최근년간의 사업정형과 생산실태에 대하여 김정은동지께 보고올리였다.

경애하는 김정은동지께서는 핵무기적용수단과 작전의 목적과 타격대상에 따르는 새로운 전술핵무기들의 기술적제원 및 구조작용특성,각이한 무기체계들과의 호환성 등에 대하여 구체적으로 료해하시였으며 최근에 진행된 핵반격가상종합전술훈련에서 그 과학성과 믿음성,안전성이 엄격히 검증된 국가핵무기종합관리체계 《핵방아쇠》의 정보화기술상태를 료해하시였다.

또한 준비된 핵반격작전계획과 명령서들을 검토하시였다.

경애하는 김정은동지께서는 핵무기연구소가 다각적인 작전공간에서 각이한 수단으로 핵무기를 통합운용할데 대한 당중앙의 전략적구상과 기도에 맞게 우리의 핵무력을 임의의 핵긴급정황에도 대처할수 있는 믿음직한 력량으로 강화하기 위한 사업에 이바지한 진함없는 노력과 이룩해놓은 커다란 성과를 높이 평가하시였다.

경애하는 김정은동지께서는 우리는 참으로 간고하고도 머나먼 핵보유의 길을 굴함없이 걸어왔다고 감회깊이 말씀하시면서 강력한 억제력을 비축한 우리 핵무력이 상대할 적은 그 어떤 국가나 특정한 집단이 아니라 전쟁과 핵참화 그 자체라고,우리 당의 핵력량증강로선은 철두철미 국가의 만년안전과 지역의 평화와 안정수호에 그 목적이 있다고 재삼 천명하시였다.

경애하는 김정은동지께서는 우리 핵무력의 철저한 대응태세를 다져나가는 사업에서 절대로 만족을 몰라야 하며 핵력량의 끊임없는 강화를 위해 계속 노력해야 한다고 하시면서 우리가 그 언제든,그 어디에든 핵무기를 사용할수 있게 완벽하게 준비되여야 영원히 핵무기를 사용하지 않게 될것이라고,상상을 초월하는 강력하고 우세한 핵무력이 공세적인 태세를 갖출 때라야 적이 우리를 두려워하고 우리 국권과 제도와 인민을 감히 건드릴수 없게 된다고 말씀하시였다.

경애하는 김정은동지께서는 핵무기연구소와 원자력부문에서 핵무기보유량을 기하급수적으로 늘일데 대한 당중앙의 구상을 철저히 관철하기 위해 무기급핵물질생산을 전망성있게 확대하며 계속 위력한 핵무기들을 생산해내는데 박차를 가해나가야 한다고 하시면서 핵무기연구소와 원자력부문앞에 나서는 강령적과업들을 제시하시였다.

경애하는 김정은동지의 직접적인 지도를 또다시 받아안은 핵무기연구소의 과학자,일군들은 당과 혁명,조국과 인민이 부여한 중대한 사명에 언제나 충실하여 우리 당의 믿음직한 《핵전투원》들답게 강위력한 핵무기생산실적으로써 성스러운 주체혁명위업을 억척같이 보위해나갈 불타는 충성의 결의를 다지였다.(끝)

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