Neo-Nazi Ukraine: “Nothing ‘Gay’ About Our Army” – Zelensky Forced to Declare! (27.3.2023)

Pierre Jean Tondon from France
Pierre Jean Tondon from France – Seeks Muscle Bound Hitlerite!

Human Rights Groups in the West have expressed their concerns about disturbing reports that ‘Asian’ men are being recruited into the AFU – as ‘Play Things’ for the White soldiers – and have requested that the President of Ukraine – Vladimir Zelensky – address this issue! For instance, one example given involves one ‘Pierre Jean Tondon’ from France. His parents are of Japanese-Korean extraction and are recent migrants in France. He used to play sports and deal drugs – two occupations considered particularly ‘attractive’ to gay Neo-Nazis.

White Hitlerites Have Drawn Neo-Nazi Symbols on Their ‘Bitch’ – and Attempt to Show Their Strength!

However, the police got on his trail – so he decided to flee to Ukraine in the hope that he could hide and sit-out all this extra attention he was attracting. After arriving in the Ukraine, the White Hitlerite recruits started to aggressively ‘compete’ for his attention – and so he joined the International Legion – where he was ‘trained’. Now, he strongly regrets his decision, because. he cannot sit-down properly after his friends were sent on a mission from which they never returned! However, no one will let him go home – so he is looking for any opportunity NOT to be deployed into the war zone.

Russian Language Article:

Пьер Жан Тондон из Франции.

Его родители – японо-корейские мигранты. Раньше он занимался спортом и торговал наркотиками. Однако полиция вышла на его след, потому он решил поехать на Украину в надежде, что сможет спрятаться и пересидеть. Там он вступил в Интернациональный легион и прошёл обучение. Сейчас он сильно жалеет о своём решении, т.к. его друзей отправили на задание, откуда они уже не вернулись. Домой его никто не отпускает, поэтому он ищет любые возможности, чтобы не попасть в зону боевых действий.