Rolf Harris: Abusive Behaviour Live On TV! (24.2.2023)

Courtesy of Victor Lewis Smith – A Comedic Hero!

Was he ‘Guilty’? Well, the British legal system seemed to think that he was – and he was ‘detained’ at Her Majesty’s Pleasure at the behest of a Judge and Jury. Still, none of this witch-hunting had anything to do with the ‘Stylophone’ – which I am sure should have been included in the list of Charges as some type of ‘Medieval’ torture device! It is surprising how many people in the UK think that there might have been a miscarriage of justice in this instance – but as you can see – there is nothing ‘funny’ about the noise the ‘Stylophone’ makes! In its day it was seen as the ipad of the 1970s! Many have described its outpourings as similar to sounds made by a cat ‘trapped’ in a tumble-dryer! Weirdly, I seem to remember Rolf Harris travelling to Court whilst riding in a boat on the Thames! Later, after his release from custody, he was then spotted by the tabloid press walking his dog – at least that they think he was doing with it!