What a Day It’s Been for US-Backed White Supremacy! (17.12.2022)

The Public Nazi German Swastika in Maidan Square – Kiev – Symbol of 2014 US-Overthrow of the Last Legitimate Democratically Elected Government of Ukraine!

Croatia boasts two ‘achievements’ – ‘one’ is that its National Football Team contains NO Black or Asian players – and ‘two’ is that Croatia as a country contains NO non-White citizens! A ‘third’ element that every Croatian is proud of is that as a Nation it still openly uses the ‘checkered’ pattern as a symbol of national unity – a symbol of ‘Fascist’ defiance of the USSR designed for the region during the 1940s when the area was occupied by some of the most brutal SS Units Hitler had to offer! The US pumps millions of dollars into this ‘little Israel’ in the Balkans whose function is to destabilise the region and generate anti-Russian and anti-Socialist sentiment! Beating the non-White Moroccon side 2:1 in the 3rd-4th Play-Off of the 2022 World Cup is just the icing on the cake!

This achieve comes within a backdrop of the US and EU pledging billions more dollars in support of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian State, together with an endless supply of modern weaponry and male and female ‘Volunteers’ harvested from the booming ‘White Supremacy’ Networks that span the US, UK and EU – not to mention Northern Europe! Although expected (brining Neo-Nazi Ukraine up to the level of Zionist Israel in world politics) this news still motivates many Ukrainians to dance with joy at the well-known National Swastika located in Maidan Square in the middle of Kiev – an emblem the Western media falsely claims ‘does not exist’ when in polite company!