Inspector Vijay: See How Casual ‘Hitlerism’ Pervades BJP India!

The ‘Hitlerite’ BJP is Depicted in the West as ‘Quaint’ – As It Carries-Out the Anti-Chinese Biddings of its US Paymasters Masters!

As free uploads of this film are being regularly taken-down by YouTube – I have linked the relevant page of that other US propaganda mouthpiece (Wikipedia) – so that general reader can acquire some basic background into what is being discussed here. The ruling BJP of India is far-right and is comprised of Westernised itellectuals who draw (mistakenly) a cultural (and even ‘spiritual’) parallel between the ancient Brahmanic culture of India and the aberrant ideology that was concocted by Adolf Hitler (and other German thinkers) during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries!

Hitler’s Nazism is one (deluded) White man’s idea of what he thinks a non-existent India once looked like – apparently peopled by white-skinned angelics who greeted one another with the straight-armed salutes (from the early culture of ancient Rome) whilst driving (or ‘flying’) around in advanced technological vehicles of various types. This mythology lives on today within various strands of the UFO community. As can be seen above in the 2018 Indian film originally entitled ‘Kavacham’ (or ‘Armour’) and then renamed ‘Inspector Vijay’ – the Indian Police apparently begin their day with a casual homage to Hitler before going about their duties. Having watched numerous film clips of Indian Police beating (non-Hindu) religious minorities for wanting to ‘pray’ dyring the Covid-19 Pandemic (whilst the same government does nothing about the grinding poverty that infests India in both mind and body) demonstrates just exactly what the nature of that ‘duty’ actually entails – the maintaining of a ruthless bourgeois class dominance – and nothing more!

Although the class dominance was definitely bequeathed by the former British colonial masters – it is equally certain that the attending ‘Hitlerism’ was most definitely not (given Britain’s stand against Hitler) – and is more likely the consequence of such racist (Indian) intellectuals as Chandra Bose, a man who cooperated with the Imperial Japanese Army when he knew these vicious ‘invaders’ of India were massacring ethnic Indians by the thousands for rejusing to ‘join’ in their crusade! Chandra Bose also lamented the defeat of Adolf Hitler and the victory of the Soviet Red Army – despite Hitler killing around 41 million Soviet men, women and children! The BJP are the intellectual heirs to this rich his of historical and political insanity!