China: History Classic (Shujing) and the Concept of ‘Time’! (22.9.2022)

James Legge (1815-1897) Was a Scottish ‘Missionary’ Sent to Convert the Heathen Chinese – But Ended-Up Learning to Read, Write and Speak the traditional Chinese Language!

Seldom does the West Treat non-Westerners with respect. Since 1945 and the rise of US dominance, this anti-intellectual approach has become far more prevalent, powerful and normalised! Racism is an ever-threatening ogre lurking in the darkness – but in this short extract (expertly penned in 1971) – Clae Williams ‘revitalises’ the ground-breaking translation work of James Legge, who began the rendering into the English language of the Chinese ‘Five Classic’ texts during the mid to late 1800s! Although both cultures (the West and East) are still learning about one another, Legge was able to ‘see beyond’ his own socio-economic and cultural conditioning, and ‘see into’ or profoundly ‘glimpse’ how the ancient Chinese people developed a distinct cultural view of the world! Furthermore, James Legge was able to comprehend how for the average person of Chinese ethnicity, and despite their current life circumstance, the thousands of years of China’s past are ALWAYS with them! The following extract is an ‘Introduction’ written by the American ‘Clae Williams’ in 1969 during his worthy attempt at modernising of the work of James Legge – with much of its stunningly insightful content deriving from the ample notes left behind within the James Legge Library. The ‘Shujing’ (書經) or ‘Document Classic’ is often referred to in China as the ‘Book of History’ – as the ‘Documents’ concerned – although ‘short’ in character number – nevertheless ‘hang heavy’ with a deep and profound sense of historical meaning! Indeed, these ancient ‘Historical’ texts were once thought of as ‘fiction’ by disbelieving Europeans until the modern science of archaeology started to prove a great deal of the recorded content to be literally ‘correct’ and ‘accurate’! As a consequence, these ancient ‘Historical’ texts record Chinese history from around 2205 – 771 BCE. What follows is a very important and interesting attempt by non-Chinese people to contextualise and understand (with sympathy and respect) the Chinese cultural perception of the world! 

The Origins of Virtually ALL Chinese Cultural Attributes Can Be Found in These Texts!
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