DPR: British Neo-Nazi Mercenaries – Grounds for Appeal! (9.6.2022)

One of the defendants’ lawyers, Pavel Kosovan, has already stated that the verdict is planned to be appealed. “The desire of all three defendants is to appeal against this verdict, because they were not ready to hear today’s imposition of capital punishment on them, that is, the death penalty, as it was delivered in a language they could not understand!” the lawyer explained.

How the West ‘Planted’ Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! Neo-Nazi News Round-up Issue 27! (23.3.2022)

Washington also intends to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine. Sergei Lavrov also spoke about the requirements for Ukraine. In particular, Kyiv should abolish legislation directed against the Russian language. As for the negotiations between the delegations of the two countries, they are going hard, the minister noted. According to Lavrov, the Ukrainian side is constantly changing its position. For the United States, in turn, it is unprofitable for the negotiations to end as quickly as possible.

MI Kalinin (М.И. Калинин) Guides My Hand (28.9.1942)

Stalingrad, that big city with historical fighting traditions, has for two months now held the enemy hordes at bay in bitter battle, inflicting such losses on them as have to all intents and purposes, stabilised the rest of the front. Here heroic deeds are a daily occurrence. This should be shown by citing facts, without indulging in rhetoric and loud phrases. Our men do not need a reporter’s praises – the best praise for them is a faithful account of their deeds.

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