If Criminal Science Took into Account Capitalist Socio-Economic Conditions! (21.9.2022)

The Communist Party of China defeats the Injustice of the Capitalist System Through Socialism! (Marxist-Leninist Maoism)

The phenomenon of crime detection, prevention and prediction is the ‘fetishising’ of science. What is meant by this observation? The science surrounding crime fighting is highly existential and selective in nature. This does not mean that the ‘science’ is faulty, on the contrary, as the government (and general public) demand results, (as solving crime generates a feeling of security, influences voting and can direct the democratic process), the scientific process is highly proficient. When terrible crimes are examined, the focus is only upon the details surrounding the immediacy of the crime itself. The scientific agenda does not theoretically look right, left, up, down, near or far and completely bypasses the reality and effects of the socio-economic system within which the criminal and victim(s) exist. If the broader agenda that decides ‘how’ criminal science should be studied, progressed and results interpreted, then it would have to be acknowledged that there is a direct causal link between the socio-economics of the predatory capitalist system and the negative psychological and physical impact these unjust, unfeeling and unfair social pressures generate in the minds and bodies of individuals and groups, etc.  

The Capitalist ‘Crime’ of Unemployment was at 25% in the US During 1933!

As the bourgeoisie control the means of production and given that the bourgeoisie controls (and owns) the political system that favours itself – it also controls the education system which the bourgeoisie pre-sets as not being allowed to ‘look beyond’ or ‘through’ the reality of its own predatory capitalist system (as if no other reality a] exists, or b] has ever existed). Universities and colleges issue their degrees only if those students in attendance replicate the ‘preferred’ academic agenda which earns the best fee-paying jobs! Therefore, bourgeoise academia must work within the agenda established by the bourgeois system. Any researcher who dares to write articles, essays, dissertations or theses that truly and whole-heartedly ‘critique’ the capitalist system – to the level of genius and sophistication exhibited by Karl Marx in his 1867 Das Kapital – their work would be destroyed, they would ‘fail’ the course and probably be expelled! Such academics would be declared ‘deviants’ and essentially ‘black balled’ (probably ‘literally’) from participating within the wider bourgeois academic community.  

A ‘Capitalist’ Utopia Somewhere in North America!

(Free Masonry performs a highly important role in regulating, maintaining and protecting the bourgeois ‘capitalist’ system, and has successfully infiltrated the Marxist-Leninist Left to such a highly sophisticated and efficient manner that most people are unaware that Karl Marx blamed this clandestine organisation for the collapse of the First Internationale – as this data is not allowed to be widely known by the bourgeois-controlled publishers. There is also a very close working relationship between the Free Masons and the Trotskyites).  

The socio-economic conditions perpetuated by the predatory capitalist system are best explained by the word ‘murderous’ – although this does not seem strong enough in its condemnation. The central lie of the bourgeois academic system is the ‘normalisation’ of this ‘murderous’ reality. The systemic injustice which has seen the US military kill between 20-30 million people around the world since and 1945 in the perpetuation of the free market economics, is exactly the same injustice through which the privileged bourgeoisie administer the internal governing mechanisms of the societies this devious and greedy class controls! People die of hunger whilst surrounded by food, die of cold whilst surrounded homes and die of medical neglect whilst surrounded by hospitals! The US is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and yet possesses the highest Covid-19 infection rates! The list of injustices is limitless and continuously unfolding.  

During Times of Riots the Proletariat Attack Symbols of Bourgeois Power!

Of course, none of these capitalist realities are allowed to be considered as contributing factors to the formation and perpetuation of criminal tendencies in the thought patterns and behavioural habits of those who exhibit deviant behaviour. If the corrupting influence of capitalism was allowed to be acknowledged – the simple (attending) logic would be that capitalism must be stopped if Western society wants to reduce and put an end to a vast stratum of capitalist produced criminal activity! As this would grant an academically produced argument for Socialism – the reader will understand why the bourgeois class keeps a tight control of science (and the agency of scientific enquiry) – and strictly prohibits the exploratory agenda from seeping over the artificially maintained bourgeois defined boundaries! The criminal behaviour the bourgeoisie (as a deviant class) habitually participates within – is either quietly ignored by the bourgeois-controlled law enforcement agencies and judiciary – or is catered for in the bourgeois decided legal code (which discriminates by judging individuals upon their class and income – the justice an individual get depends entirely upon what they can afford to pay). What the injustice comes down to is that the theft and debauchery as practiced by the bourgeoisie is permitted, accepted and allowed – whilst the criminality as exhibited by the working class (much of which is theft related) is strictly controlled and moderated by a callous and uncaring judicial system. Historical and existential Bourgeois theft is permitted and encouraged within a capitalist society whilst working class attempts to redress the balance (through the act of theft) is not.  

The Slums in ‘Capitalist’ Countries Lay Just Outside of the Range of TV Cameras!