Soviet War Memorial – London May 9th, 2022 – Thank You to Russia and the Soviet People! (11.5.2022)

Representative of the Russian Embassy in London Lay-Flowers to Commemorate the Soviet Union’s Victory over Fascism in 1945!

If there was ever a time to feel thoroughly ashamed and disgusted to be ‘British ‘ – May 9th, 2022 – was definitely it! The right-wing British Tory Administration has not only mishandled the the Covid-19 pandemic (which has led directly to the unnecessary deaths of hundred of thousands of British people), but has continued to pursue an anti-Socialist ‘EU’ agenda (abolishing the Welfare State and privatising the National Health Service), all whilst funding, arming and supporting the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Regime of Western Ukraine!

The ‘Soviet War Memorial Trust’ sent-out an email ‘cancelling’ the usual May 9th event that surrounds the Soviet War Memorial (established in 1999) which annually attracts hundreds and thousands of respectfully-minded individuals and groups! Due to Russia’s military action of ‘De-Nazifying’ Western Ukraine – we were told NOT to attend! The question is ‘why’? On May 1st, during the May Day March through London – Soviet Red Flags were seen flying (carried by all kinds of British people) and their was a general air of dismissing the Tory-led and BBC empowered pro-Neo-Nazi message currently being perpetuated by the British State! My Grandfathers (who fought during WWII in France, Germany, the North Atlantic and Hong Kong) would have been disgusted to see a Britain they fought for kow-towing to a Tory right-wing government and a corrupt British Establishment! My family would have attended the Soviet War Memoria and ‘stood’ in Solidarity and pride with our Russian Comrades!

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