USSR: Red Army Veterans March – May 9th, 1985!

The Soviet Red Army Fought for Socialism!

In 1985, there were still tens of thousands of Soviet Red Army Veterans alive who took part in the Fortieth Commemoration of the Soviet Victory Over Nazi Germany! Perhaps aged in their 60s, many of these men and women took part in this march which happened on May 9th, 1985!

The Red Army was then still engaged in fighting US-backed Islamo-Fascism in Afghanistan! Meanwhile, the traitor Mikhail Gorbachev began the dismantling and final destruction of the Soviet Socialist System – a process began by Nikita Khrushchev in 1956!

Ветераны Великой Отечественной Войны на Параде Победы 9 мая 1985 г.

Были сегодня на Параде Победы?

Наши каналы – список

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