Short Lecture – Explaining the Victory Banner of the USSR (1945) 

Know Your Red Banner!

Today, is May 9th, 2022 – a Monday. Both myself and Gee have just picked up our two daughter – Mei-An and Kai-Lin – from School and we decided to record a short lecture especially for the visually impaired people who routinely access this blog to study progressive politics! Usually, these articles are ‘read out’ through a special app – but today I thought that we could celebrate the Soviet Victory of Nazi Germany (a barbaric regime murdered hundreds of thousands of Disabled people) – by helping in a small way, members of the Disabled community access Socialist history! The Gold (yellow) star signifies the ‘five continents’ which comprise the world through which Socialism will spread!

Our Daughters Are Free!

The Hammer denotes the ‘Proletariat’ or the Industrialised Workers who work in factories – whilst the Sickle represents the ‘Agricultural’ Workers who work the land and participate in farming! Prior to this ‘1918’ design, older versions of this flag (sometimes seen in Eire), are comprised of a ‘Hammer’ (Proletariat) and a ‘Plough’ (Farmers)! 

Explaining the Soviet Victory Banner!

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