Family Outing – Daniel Department Store (and Surrounding Windsor Yards) [26.2.2022]

After visiting Windsor Castle we entered what looked like a very large train station not far from the main gate of the castle. It was full of shops over a wide area and did contain at least two different train platforms (I believe within one platform serving ‘Windsor’ and the other ‘East Ealing’)! However, all trains to Windsor were terminating at nearby Staines and a replacement Bus Service was taking all the passengers onward – and eventually stopping just outside this place we had wandered into!

Down with Royalty, Capitalism and Ukrainian Neo-Nazism!

Apparently, it is called ‘Windsor Yard’ and it contains the Daniel Department Store – which surprised us – as most of these places had closed-down years ago in Sutton! Although we couldn’t take it all in on just one (unexpected) visit – we can only say that the numerous floors of this place were packed with shoppers! I suspect that this was once a hive of working-class activity employed in the service of the nearby Castle and keeping the British royal family stocked with everything they needed, not to mention the supplying of Castle Staff and the maintenance of the ‘On-Duty’ Guards standing at various vantage points throughout the Castle! The parasitic existence of the royal family is very labour-intensive – even more so in days gone by. As time progressed, technology improved and production, supply and demand were transformed, such massive industrial spaces were no longer required. As the Disabled, the Elderly and Ill die of starvation, neglect and the cold – the British royal family is always guaranteed to live in luxury! This is even true of many of the men (and women) who pass through the Castle as ‘Guards’ of Her Majesty – as many end-up sleeping homeless on the very streets of the country they were once paid a pittance to protect! This place, however, seems to have now transformed into serving the thousands of tourists that traverse this area nowadays – all looking to spend their disposable income! The ‘Windsor Castle’ industry certainly serves this purpose well – as although the British taxpayer already ‘owns’ the Castle – we all have to ‘pay again’ to gain entry! This is just like what the Tory government is doing to the NHS! We already (collectively) ‘pay’ for a full ‘free at the point of us’ healthcare service – but through the privatisation process – we are forced to pay again! ACW (7.3.2022)

A ‘Royal’ Train and a Tale About Two Stations!

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