Email: Bagchee: Anti-China Content – Do Not Purchase These Books! (7.2.2022)

Dear Bagchee

Although I have ‘Unsubscribed’ on a number of occasions – and emailed Bagchee continuously about this issue – the emails keep on coming! Why have I ‘Unsubscribed’? Sit back, light an incense stick and I will regale you with my plight!

Modern India is a ‘capitalist’ entity whose Westernised bourgeoisie chose to reject the ‘Socialism’ that the Indian people so desperately needed, and went down the path of brutal exploitation and the encouragement of religious ignorance. This explains why India is still riddled with mass poverty, religious ignorance and far-right-wing politics! The Westerners may have left India in 1947 – but their system continued to flourish unhindered amongst the Indian people whose leadership choice to voluntarily continue the Western subjugation of India, etc, ‘at a distance’, as it where.

India today now has a ‘fascist’ (BJP) government which should be seen as ‘criminal’ by the rest of the world, but which is encouraged and tolerated because it supports predatory capitalism, and propagates anti-China racism in support of US foreign policy. This Indian embracing of predatory capitalism is reflected in the ridiculous ‘prices’ charged by Bagchee – when exactly the same books are available in the West at a fraction of these prices! I am also aware that Bagchee refuses to ‘donate’ any free books to good causes.

On top of this distorted (and ‘racist’) Indian self-interest there is the lack of inclusion of books about the Buddhism that is thriving within Mainland China (under the guidance and administration of the Communist Party of China), but Bagchee continuously facilitates the dissemination of false (propaganda) literature pertaining to the exiled (and criminal) 14th Dalai Lama and the CIA-inspired ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement.’ This form of Indian racism collaborates in the distortion and perversion of the Tibetan culture and continues to facilitate a false view and impression of life as it unfolds in the Tibetan region of China, and the large (ethnic) Tibetan population living quite happily and peacefully throughout South-Western China. 

I will be publishing this email on my blog so that everyone can educate themselves about Bagchee and not waste their money purchasing over-priced and ‘fake’ books! 

Yours Sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles

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