The Curious Case Yanagi Ryuken Part III (2012-2022) In His Own Words 

Translator’s Note: Ironically, Yanagi Ryuken was born in the USSR during 1941 and not in Japan. Indeed, he was born in those islands ‘North’ of Japan which have been controlled by Russia for centuries – with more annexed at the end of WWII (where the Soviet Red Army took-back the islands lost to Japan during the 1905 Russo-Japanese War). As some point the Yanagi family migrated to Mainland Japan. I suspect that this will have implications for the legitimacy of the martial lineages Yanagi Ryuken claims to hold. Where these ‘Japanese’ martial lineages extant in ‘Sakhalin’ (the place of his birth) even though this island was in the USSR? Or, is it the case that his family branch of the ‘Yanagi Clan’ received (or ‘inherited’) its teachings from other branches of the ‘Yanagi Clan’ born and raised in Mainland Japan? Chinese-language sources state ‘師從小林大龍學習 大東流合氣道(2009年7月與師傅小林斷絕關係)’ – which states that as a child (and young man), Yanagi Ryuken received martial instruction from ‘Master Kobayashi Dairyu’ (although Yanagi Ryuken cut all ties with Master Kobayashi Dairyu in 2009). He refers to his style as ‘Daito-ryu Aikido’ as taught by the ‘Takeda Clan’ (to which the ‘Yanagi Clan’ is said to be related) – but in reality, it has nothing to do with the ‘Aikido’ as founded by ‘Ueshiba Morihei’ – as the association is ‘lateral’ rather than ‘literal’. This is because ‘Ueshiba Morihei’ did train in Daito-ryu martial arts as a young man – but later abandoned this style as he developed his own unique approach to ‘ki’ energy flow and manipulation. As far as I know, Yanagi Ryuken has no official association with ‘Aikido’. Furthermore, prominent members of the ‘Takeda Clan’ claim that Yanagi Ryuken is ‘NOT’ related to the ‘Takeda Clan’ and even if he were – the martial arts of the Daimyo would not be taught to a mere branch family. What follows are straight translations taken from Yanagi Ryuken’s website advertising his martial arts style and healing abilities as a ‘priest’. Make of it what you will. ACW (9.1.2022) 

There are various types and methods of breathing. By linking the ‘intention’, the mouth, the nose, the Baihui point (at the exact centre of the top of the head), the ears, the eyes, and the brain, a substantial increase in energy flow is achieved. Even the negative energy that ruins you is generated along similar lines. You do not need this energy-flow to lead your life into the abyss of ill-health. Such negative energy cannot save people. Authentic breathing must always be one with the universe. What and how should we do that? This is the main theme of breathing. Meditation without direction ends in meditation without a purpose. It took me more than 40 years to develop the ability to guide this energy, but it is a task I finally completed. This breathing method is the best, and it is always linked with the gods and Buddha. In other words, there is no such thing as breathing that ignores or by-passes ignoring the gods and Buddha. This is because the gods and Buddha are truths and laws, and are universal, represent all things, cover all limits, and abide in the polar regions. 

Qigong and Qi are used not only for martial arts, but also for ghost removal, mental illness healing, hypnosis, and treatment of intractable diseases. The range of applications is endless, but as already mentioned, there is a large difference in the abilities of qigong masters. The onset of illness can also involve the spirit. In short, it is a fact that many Qigong masters have no power. It is also true that in the case of ordinary and unqualified imitators of Qigong – such supposed ‘healers’ have led many people to loss their judgment by imbibing evil spirits. This is where Grand Master Yanagi Ryuken’s amazing Qigong technique is extremely effective in completely curing intractable diseases such as rheumatism and muscular atrophy. In addition, it has a good reputation of performing such feats as remote therapy that cures rheumatism, neurosis and hypertension, etc. between China and the United States as well as domestically – and saving people by psychokinetic exorcism based on the Buddhist law and the Vedic idea of chakras. We give a high evaluation and concern for the direction of the healing. Don’t give up or be sad anymore. Live with hope. In rheumatism and neurotic systems, if you have “psychokinesis” aimed toward the painful areas, the flow of “ki” will be activated and the body will react, move or sweat. This healing ability is also possible over the telephone. The reaction may be an experience of a piercing pain, but in about 3 minutes the sickness will be removed and it will move easier. (The reaction is different for each person.) Qigong and psychokinesis are used not only for the above-mentioned martial arts, but also for ghost removal, mental illness, hypnosis, and treatment of intractable diseases. The range of applications is endless, but as already mentioned, there is a large difference in the abilities of qigong masters. We have a track record of completely curing depression, Crohn’s disease, muscular atrophy, and schizophrenia.  

Qigong Testimonies for Yanagi Ryuken 

Obihiro 69-years-old (male) – The right ankle which has a 5 cm metal rod – is completely healed. X-rays are full of gaps, and he has played golf for 6 years without getting tired. He is a 69-year-old man living in Obihiro. The heel of his right foot was severely damaged in an accident, so the surgeons inserted an ‘L’-shaped metal rod (25 cm). However, because he is more than 30 years old, his bones and muscles had become weak and loose. He had to undergo another operation and put in another metal rod, but when it came to hospitalization, it was difficult. As a result of thinking about the situation, he decided to have “Mr. Yanagi Ryuken” do Qigong first. I had miraculously helped him before with diabetes, so he already knew what I – as a teacher and healer – was capable of. Although it is clearly different from his usual illness, I decided to apply my healing abilities. This process took about 20 minutes performed in two sessions. I called upon God and Buddha and suddenly the patient was completely healed! He got up and started walking without any hindrance! He said that now everything was alright and that it did not hurt anymore! When I last checked with him, it has now been six-years since the treatment with no recurrences! He plays golf nearly every day! The X-rays shows lots of gaps between metal tods and bones and muscles which the surgeons cannot explain! The doctors at the hospital shack their heads in amazement! How could this be? It is because when healing people I am always chanting while chanting “Minami Shakyamuni Buddha” – Obihiro 69-years-old (male) 

I am a 71-year-old female. About seven years ago, I visited Dr. Ryuken Yanagi to discuss gallstones. They were reluctant to remove it at the hospital and so I decided to do “Qigong treatment”. The question was whether the large gallstones, 1.2 cm long, would really be removed. Dr. Ryuken Yanagi reassured me that Qigong ‘remote’ viewing’ could detect and dissolve my gallstones ‘from a distance’ and that with the right frequency of energy used, the process would be both swift and painless! I decided to proceed with the treatment which lasted about 2 months with three sessions a week/ I had the results checked at a private hospital and found that the gallstones had all completely gone! I was completely surprised. I am truly grateful to Dr. Ryuken Yanagi for doing what he said. After that, I believed in Qigong, participated in study sessions and appearing in classrooms, and started exchanging opinions with young people. Sapporo 71-years-old (female) 

I am a 32-years-old, nurse. I came to the Kikou Institute because I was diagnosed with “muscle atrophy” at a university hospital in Sapporo, and was told by a doctor that it would not be cured because it was an intractable disease. At that time, I was a nurse aged 26, but my work started to get in the way, so I took a leave of absence and thought, “Let’s get Qigong treatment”. I found this and made a reservation call and visited with my mother. After receiving an explanation from the teacher, I decided to go for treatment three times a week. At first, I felt “it a little warm?”, But I didn’t feel anything else. About two months later, when I received the teacher’s “Ki”, my body became extremely heavy. From time to time, my hips and shoulders began to move shake and twist, regardless of my intention, and I finally realized that “this is qigong.” From the beginning of the third month, I began to feel the power that saw the left arm revived. After that, I found that my strength was steadily regaining with each treatment, and by the time I entered the fourth month, I was able to carry light things, so I returned to work on the condition that I could work within that range. At one point, a pregnant woman was about to slip and fall, so I immediately put out my hand and supported her, but when I noticed it later, I had supported the weight with my left arm, which was weak. I was surprised myself, but I realized that my arm strength was definitely regaining. After returning to work, I reduced my treatment from three times a week to once a week and went there for about a year, but by that time my left arm had normal muscles and my illness had completely healed. I am really grateful to my teacher for being able to get married, a prospect I had given up. At that time, if I had not received Qigong treatment, I would have been going to the hospital all the time, and my muscles would be weakening, and I would just wait for the end of my life. Sapporo City, 32 years old, nurse 

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