The ‘Peril’ of the Politically Far-Right Epoch Times – A Warning from History!

The Epoch Times is Fascistic and Far-Right!

The Epoch Times in mentioned in the book new book ‘Peril’ (authored by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa) as being a ‘far-right’ political supporter of the fascist (and ‘anti-Chinese’) Donald Trump. That fact tends to undermine the Falun Gong Cult ‘lie’ that it is simply a humble Buddhist group looking for acceptance. It also tends to confirm that whilst the men, women and children who fall into the trap of Falun Gong Cult statuesque-like solitude and inactivity – behind the scenes there is a vast money-making criminal industry that runs across the world like threads of a web – with Li Hongzhi sat at its centre – pulling all the strings! As virtually every Buddhist authority in the world has criticised and disowned the Falun Gong Cult as being ‘anti-Buddhist’, it stands to reason that the Falun Gong Cult policy of directly contacting authentic Buddhist Groups in the West will undoubtedly fall on death ears! We may well be living in the times of Dharma Termination – but this does not mean that genuine Buddhists should be embracing the political far-right politics of the Falun Gong Cult – or be associated in anyway with its cult-like and criminal activities! It is far more constructive for the welfare of humanity to be focused upon the genuine Dharma and continue the authentic Buddhist practice of uprooting the greed, hatred and delusion – the same greed, hatred and delusion that Li Hongzhi makes ample use of when he sexually, emotionally, psychologically and physically abuses his young and old followers alike – whilst he encourages his own relatives and close friends to do the same. No wonder the Epoch Times is described as being ‘fascistic’ and politically ‘far-right’!

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