Tesco: When ‘Chinese’ Clean Socks Are a Risk to Public Health – But Tesco’s Lack of Basic Hygiene is Not! (16.8.2022)

No body cleaned-up the food, sterilised the floor, table tops or chairs whilst we frequented the store. Kai-Lin – our beautiful five year old daughter – took-off her shoes to show-off her brand new and sparklingly clean (white) socks whilst she happily hoped along the elongated padded seating affixed to the wall!. However, despite the Cafe now being empty, a member of staff approached our table in a disrespectful manner and demanded that we order our child to stop happily stepping to and throe – because she was ‘making the place dirty’ and ‘upsetting’ other customers’! It would appear that the bottoms of ‘non-Chinese’ people sat on already filthy seats in the Tesco Cafe – are at risk from two clean and new socks worn by a five year old Chinese child! This is just one incident of the casual racism that non-Chinese inflict upon Chinese people everyday in the UK! We are not afraid of your racism and we will stand up to you!

The ‘Chinese Restaurant’ and the Politics of ‘Race’ in Kenya

Due to China’s economic and cultural investment in Kenya, the Kenyan government’s position is that of official good ties and close relations between the two countries. The joint China-Kenya resistance to Western imperialist attitudes has worked well, and continues to work well, this is why the ‘Chinese Restaurant’ story of 2015 contradicts this trend of good and productive relations.

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