Falun Gong Cult: A Tragic Comedy of Errors! 

The year 2016 was a very unusual time for the Falun Gong Cult membership. This group of “supernormal people” launched a four-act drama package which was nothing less than a tragic comedy of errors! These bizarre performances really made Falun Gong a few hits and brought the whole of the entire world into the spotlight! This was intended to demonstrate the Falun Gong Cult’s “Magical” inspiration. 

Dear audience, find a good seat and prepare to watch the show!    

The first act: this was an unintended staged tragic-comedy which witnessed Li Hongzhi’s utter incompetence! Release time: May 15th Protagonist: Li Hongzhi (李洪志) Location: New York, USA Plot: In the series of activities for Li Hongzhi’s birthday on “May 13th”. The supposed ‘Living Buddha’ – the Master and Founder of the Falun Gong Cult – was seen to be teaching the ‘great law’ as the dramatic finale to the festivities. The disciples paid their respects to the ‘Immortal’ Master in order to benefit from the Living Buddha’s divine grace. On this day, the Falun Gong Cult practitioners believed they could hold the moon and the stars in the heavens! Li Hongzhi stood on a high platform and said that the sky was full of flowers. He even praised the Falun Gong Cult practitioners as they traversed the ‘great law’ methodology – referring to them as “great divine sages”, “the helpers of god who helps the divine teacher save all living beings in the world”, and “great sages equal to heaven.” “We are all divine kings!”, the disciples cheered. Before the end of the story, however, the plot had a major twist. Many disciples who took part suddenly experienced an unexplained illness. A female disciple fell into a coma as soon as she walked out of the demonstration! The other disciples panicked and the entire demonstration was in chaos! Then several ambulances with flashing red lights that came quickly to the rescue, but the ‘divine’ Master had already slipped away after failing to demonstrate his ‘magical’ powers in resuscitating the collapsed Galun Gong Cult practitioners! 

Background Information: Li Hongzhi said that by practicing Falun Gong – a practitioner can cure diseases and keep fit by just ‘focusing’ the mind and ‘directing’ the will! He claimed that he can heal any disease or ailment from distance “just by looking at you.” Obviously, this supposed ‘power’ does not work in public whilst he is demonstrating Falun Gong Cult methodology in-front of his collected disciples! Under the eyes of all the disciples, he could not even cure those who had “fell down” ill after practicing the so-called Falun Gong Cult methods! It seems that far from making individuals ‘immortal’ – the Falun Gong Cult activities actually induce severe mind and body illnesses in the practitioner – ailments that that the ‘Living-Buddha’ Li Hongzhi possessed no power whatsoever to cure! This is the story of how Li Hongzhi was exposed as a complete ‘fraud’ in-front of the entire world – a meeting that he himself had called for! 

The second act: this was a staged ‘transmission’ drama, witnessing a number of ‘advanced’ Falun Gong Cult practitioners as low-level ‘Gods’. Screening time: July 21st Protagonist: Zhang Yijun (张一军) Venue: Video interview with Kaifeng.com Plot: The incident dates back to July 4th, 1998. Hainan disciples travelled to promote Falun Gong Cult activities but were all involved in a car accident which had occurred in the Southern city of Sanya (三亚) on the island. It is rumoured that all the eight of the advanced disciples were killed. The next day, Li Hongzhi immediately awarded the eight deceased a reward, He stated “I can see with my divine sight that all eight disciples have now been consummated into their different spirit worlds.” However, embarrassingly for him he was later informed that Zhang Yijun had survived the car-crash, been rescued from the wreckage and had been taken to hospital. Li Hongzhi awkwardly argued that this was the “lesser soul” that had left Zhang – and then punished him for surviving the accident by prohibiting this otherwise loyal disciple from contacting him. Zhang Yijun suffered a terrible fracture of the bones of both lower limbs, and had to have steel pins inserted into his bones to hold them together. This process is accompanied by lifelong pain. In July of this year (2016), the only living person in the world who has been declared “officially dead” by Li Hongzhi – resolutely appeared on a video interview for Kaifeng.com media, claiming that he was “an ordinary person” who had suffered terribly because of the Falun Gong Cult led by the fraudulent con artist Li Hongzhi: “What he claims to represent – Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance – is a complete lie.” 

Background Information: From the car accident tragedy to the farce of promoting still living-beings to te status of disembodied Gods – Zhang Yijun possessed the courage to defy the Falun Gong Cult and step into the light of the public arena and expose the charlatan Li Hongzhi! He appeared to fight fakes and crushed Li Hongzhi’s lies about “Heaven”, “God”, and “Dharmakaya Protector”. He is the iron proof that Li pretended to be a ‘divine-being’ who could manipulate the ‘spirit-realm’! .    

The third act: this comprised of a stage-managed pantomime which bore witness to the ruthlessness of Li Hongzhi! Screening time: August 24th Protagonist: Li Hongzhi’s mother and son Location: Falun Gong Cult headquarters in the United States Plot: Li Hongzhi’s mother – Lu Shuzhen (芦淑珍) – died of illness on August 24th. It was not until October that the fraudster Li Hongzhi finally admitted that his mother had died! This announcement caused an uproar as it was unexpected that Li Hongzhi, – who claims to save all living beings – could not even save his own mother! In reality, Li Hongzhi was very indifferent to death of his own mother – partly because he knew that he could not really save any one from the natural process of dying. Lu Shuzhen, however, was long suffering with the deluded antics of her son! For instance, Li Hongzhi changes his birthday every year! He seemed to think that his mother could ‘psychically’ figure all these arbitrary changes as and when they occurred! On August 18th – Lu Shuzhen – suffered a stroke. Li Longzhi would not let his own mother be taken to hospital to receive proper medical care! It was only after Li Hongzhi’s ‘magic’ had not worked that he listened to the pleading of his siblings and quietly let his own mother be taken to hospital. By this time, however, the doctors said that it was too late to save her life! After his mother died in hospital – Li Hongzhi suppressed this news because he did not want the news to get out that he had failed to save his mother’s life through his own brand of deluded ‘magic’! Indeed, as Li Hongzhi believes he is an ‘Immortal’ and a ‘Living Buddha’ – he punished his mother for dying by having her existence ‘purged’ from all Falun Gong Cult data-files, narratives, texts and supposed holy books, etc. Despite thousands of people respectfully enquiring about why his mother’s name has been ‘removed’ from all Falun Gong Cult records – Li Hongzhi remained hard-heartedly ‘silent’! 

Background Information: Maternal love is as deep as the sea, and filial piety should always come first. However, in order to create a God-like image, Li Hongzhi kicked his family aside, claiming that “my parents were made by me – they did not make me” and “my real relatives are in the sky”. His mother publicly scolded him as a “liar”. He actually stated that his “mother is a demon”. He has had no remorse whatever so! This is a very – un-Chinese attitude to have coming from someone who claims to represent ‘traditional’ Chinese culture!  

The fourth act: this was a staged a police drama which were forced to witness Falun Gong’s supposed practice of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” Screening time: November 10th Protagonist: Daniel Peter Rintoul (38) Location: Vancouver, Canada Plot: Daniel Peter Rintoul, a huge figure, wore a (military) camouflage uniform and broke into the Canadian Tire (Tyre) Store in Vancouver, attempting to steal the fire-arms (to be used for Falun Gong Cult criminality) that were kept in the store. Daniel Peter Rintoul stabbed a clerk as he rampaged through the store. When he fled, he took a frail 82-year-old customer as a hostage. The police officers at the scene fought him hand-to-hand. One of the police officers was stabbed several times and injured to the head. In the end, the officers fired multiple shots, and Daniel Peter Rintoul was shot dead on the spot (his fictitious Falun Gong Cult powers did not protect him from bullets – as claimed by Li Hongzhi). According to media reports, Daniel Peter Rintoul began practicing Falun Gong in 2000 and went to Tiananmen Square in China to participate in Falun Gong anti-China activities. He was Li Hongzhi’s capable right-hand man. Even before he was killed by the police, he repeatedly yelled “Falun Gong is good! My violent actions are good! Li Hongzhi is God!” 

Background Information: Li Hongzhi brain-washed his disciples have his “protection of the Dharma body” and that “no danger will occur.” Daniel Peter Rintoul believed it to be true and staged a frightening scene. He was shot to death whilst believing he was ‘immune’ to bullets. His Master’s promise of “protection” was a dangerous lie that cost him his life; he entered the shop to commit a violent robbery and took hostages, stabbed two people, was extremely vicious, with the “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” of supposed Falun Gong Cult morality crushed into the ground. Indeed, Li Gongzhi inspires much of the Falun Gong Cult criminality through the falsehood of ‘immunity’ from bullets and arrest! As the West becomes ever more aware of the criminal under belling of the Falun Gong Cult it currently tolerates in its countries, the police are beginning to take more and more decisive and deadly action against these habitual criminals! As Li Hongzhi’s health is known to be failing – he once laughingly ‘fainted’ in public and urinated his ow trousers – he is appearing less and less in public, but he compensates for this by sending-out his disciples to commit ever greater amounts of crime!  

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