Peril: Deconstructing the ‘Fascist’ American Dream 

Author’s Note: This is a ‘Commentary’ upon the (2021) book entitled ‘Peril’ authored by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. This part-three of a trilogy covering the Trump term as President of the USA. I would normally add these reviews to Amazon – but Amazon, being American, and like all of the US social media platforms – deliberately censors the political left and leaves the field open only to centrist, centre-right and far-right political interpretation. Since January 6th, 2021, and the Neo-Nazi attack upon the Capitol this has not changed at all. Although the US (bourgeois) system has recovered from the sheer shock of the ‘insurrection’ and has initiated thousands of arrests and hundreds of trials – the fact remains that the conditions that helped this movement to grow and co-ordinate still exists in the US and nothing has been done to uproot fascism at its base. US fascism is implicit within its democratic system and forms the controlling ethos of its social media industry. By using the disinformation of equating Socialism with fascism – these networks strangle freedom of speech whilst claiming to be upholding it! Socialist ideology is condemned as ‘fascistic’ whilst the far-right ideology of ‘fascism’ is interpreted as the highest expression of both ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’! This is exactly the mechanism which Trump and his supporters used to generate his attempted fascist take-over of the US system. This book, obviously, is historically astute but does not recognise these facts. It is as if the Americans are too close to their own manifestation to see or understand it properly. Fascism is alive and well in the US and hides just below the surface of its right-wing democracy waiting for the right conditions to manifest. This has been the case since the early twentieth-century and the 1917 Russian Revolution. The US ruling bourgeoisie has demonised ALL genuine working-class movements so that genuine Scientific Socialism has been suitably ‘crushed’ so that fascism becomes the only allowable ideology within the democratic system. As I have exposed this reality in the United States – my ‘review’ would only be ‘rejected’ by Amazon and so I post it on my own blogging platforms. ACW (29.9.2021) 

This book is presented as a magnus opus of the mainstream critique of the Trump years. It is, in fact, just another bourgeois American story presented from the Eurocentric perspective, and perfectly happy to utilise exactly the same right-wing cliches and stereotype prejudices that Trump is accused of exclusively using. The Prologue sets the US anti-intellectual agenda where a slightly manic, dangerous and out of control China is kept in its place by the superior logic of the ‘White’ Army General Mark Milly! This openly anti-Chinese narrative is presented without any sense of irony with China the nation portrayed in exactly the same manner that US culture presents individual Chinese people. The Chinese nation is as unpredictable as the Chinese individual and this is why – the author’s contest – that the US government (and the average American) cannot comprehend or understand the Chinese nation (or the average Chinese individual). From a White American perspective, this attitude confirms that all is right with the world of White dominance – whilst from the Chinese perspective – this narrative is as horrific as anything regurgitated by Trump and his neo-Nazi cronies. This, apparently, is how the US intelligentsia believes it is reasserting the status quo of world balance. The lasting impression is that the US did not want a war with China when Trump threatened one – but as China is not ‘democratic’ (in fact, under Socialism, Chinese people vote much more often than their American counter-parts and enjoy a ‘democracy’ the Americans could only wish for) the US military will eventually have to deal with it, but only when America wants to and not before. This might well be sparked by the US ‘protecting’ the island of Taiwan – and on and on this routine anti-China racism runs throughout the prologue. The Americans choose not to understand the Chinese people because they have chosen the Socialist path. The Chinese government (and the Chinese people), however, (and contrary to the assertions of the authors of this book) understand the capitalist (and ‘racist’) Americans exactly.  

The following chapters are essentially the eulogising of Joe Biden which sees the authors attempt to present him as a modern-day JFK with near-God-like abilities and attributes. This is the same Joe Biden who unhesitatingly continued the US anti-China programme once he had purged his own ruling Party of all its known and open left-wing politicians. This is the same Joe Biden who – after being told by numerous independent American scientists and World Health Organisation (WHO) that Covid19 was not artificially generated in a scientific laboratory – went on air and announced that he personally believed that the Chinese government had manufactured Covid19 as a bio-chemical weapon in the virology laboratory in Wuhan. In other words, President Joe Biden used exactly the same far-right thinking toward China that President Donald Trump had employed. To the sheer extent of ignorance and inverted thinking – this Biden-produced propaganda unleashed a wave of right-wing press articles across the Western world! This was followed by Biden giving voice to the far-right disinformation that the Chinese government was using concentration camps in Xinjiang province within which the Uyghur Muslim minority was supposedly being held captive. This dual Biden policy unleashed an equal intensity of racist reaction from both White and Black Americans – seeing a massive upsurge in essentially Black men physically attacking Chinese men and women as they walk by on the streets (with most of these attacks being caught on camera). This Black offensive upon the Chinese community in America is still in operation – so effective has been Joe Biden’s anti-China racist rhetoric. Where Trump was very much maniacal and scatter-gun in his mad rantings – Joe Biden has been calm, specific, to the point and very much on target. What Biden achieved has been exactly what he intended to achieve. 

Joe Biden, according to the authors, had been presented as something of a White saviour to the African-American community – particularly the well-off Black Americans who aspired to the typical bourgeoise lifestyles of the White community. Indeed, Black (career) politicians which formed a distinct power-bloc within the democrats, were willing to wine and dine Joe Biden – even playing golf with him. This demonstrates the usual middle-class ethos that the Democrats represent and how a political Party is essentially anti-Socialist because it is anti-working-class. Whilst working-class Black people routinely attack and persecute innocent Chinese people on the streets of the US – the middle-class Black community is safe and sound behind the walls of its gated communities and upon its lavish golf courses, etc. Whilst courting the non-White vote – Joe Biden and his supporters has no interest in representing the welfare of the working-class, the poor and the dispossessed. What is odd is that there is so much evidence that could be used to deconstruct his time as President of the United States – there is absolutely no need to present Joe Biden as the saviour of America. Furthermore, the use of political language which has well known and well used definitions outside of America – the Americans use these terms in an idiosyncratic and isolating manner. This appears to be the product of the US anti-intellectualism although it could also be the product of deliberate disinformation. Working-class people who have made a bit of money, for instance, are termed in the US as ‘middle-class’ – whereas outside the US a wealthy working-class person is not ‘middle-class’ simply because the working-class people concerned are not members of the bourgeoisie, do not know any one bourgeois, and whose children remain permanently excluded from the genuinely ‘bourgeois’ schools. Black and White people living in similar ways but kept racially apart is termed ‘equality’ within the US – but outside is termed ‘apartheid’ and is nothing more than this far-right policy regardless of the amount of wealth that is around. If Black people possess money – they live in ‘gated communities’ – if they live in communities defined as working-class and impoverished, then they are termed ‘ghettos’. Liberals are not leftists, and Socialists are not fascists, and so on and so forth. This is the language of US anti-intellectualism through which this book is penned. 

This book is not really about Trump – but it is presented this way because that’s the only way it will sell – as nobody is interested in Joe Biden who is presented as ‘non-descript’, ‘boring’ and ‘ageing rapidly’ and not in a good way. Joe Biden won the 2020 election but only because people were desperate to get Trump out of office (and his finger off the nuclear button). As the US electorate is brain-washed to reject Socialism and always choose the right-wing option – the rejection of Trump manifested a quandary that has not been known at any time during the history of the US. Despite this book presenting an almost nepotistic attitude toward Joe Biden – the reality is that Joe Biden is ‘no one special’ – end of story. The problem is that this book is a distinguished ‘autobiography’ which delivers a prologue, seventy-two chapters and one epilogue as well as a ‘Notes to Readers’ section. In-between chapters wrapping Joe Biden’s life history in cotton-wool – there are interesting sections that suddenly dive into Trump’s Administration, explaining that he believed himself to be a political genius just as he was (and has been) successful in business – but this most definitely is not the case.  Trump started-off slowly in his fascist rampaging, giving the false impression that he knew what he was doing. Joe Biden, with his ‘Covid19 was made in a lab’ rhetoric was just as stupid as anything Trump ever issued out of his mouth. Trump seemed to be under the delusion that the national government of the US must ‘reduce’ its policies and activities so that the country as a whole would reflect all the right-wing policies of the State of Texas. Despite being warned about this attitude alienating him from vast swathes of the right-wing voter base of the US – particularly as he was thinking of cutting healthcare just as the Covid19 pandemic was starting to take shape. The phrase ‘Russian collusion’ re-appears throughout the book with no real explanation as to what these two words mean or imply. They seem to represent a US mantra which removes the requirement for what should have been pages of explanatory commentary. 

Then, during May, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by a former Minneapolis Police Officer – Derek Chauvin. This led to widespread protests throughout the US (mostly peaceful) protesting police racism and brutality – which appeared to have got worse during the tenure of Trump in office. Trump’s far-right (and unelected) supporters attempted to persuade Trump to bring-out the military in response to ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Anti-Fascism’ – both defined (alongside other similar groups) as the enemies of America! The US police had been beating, maiming and killing non-White and poor White people for decades – and this racist and discriminating activity did not stop (and has not stopped) even in the midst of the protests! The murdering of unarmed Black people continues today – as it does against Black people who secure fire-arms to protect themselves from White racists and out of control police officers. Trump was kept in his place by certain staff members who told him that these riots were nowhere as intense as those which occurred in 1968 (with Black and White people fighting one another over ongoing systemic racism). These protests, however, had the support of most right-thinking people all-over the world – not to mention how many people in authority also approached the reason of the protests with a sympathetic attitude. Essentially, these ongoing protests put an end to Trump’s administration in what might be called a ‘slow death’. The protests never stopped because the police brutality never ended. This police brutality continues today under Joe Biden with no noticeable change in policy as people who possessed the time to riot during 2020 due to ‘lockdown’ – have now returned to the everyday routine of work and labour, etc. 

As Trump’s popularity floundered – Joe Biden (and his advisors) – expertly manoeuvred into the political void. Trump wanted to flood the American Streets with battle-hardened frontline US Army and Parachute Troops – an act which would have been defining the protesting American people as ‘internal enemies’! This would mean that by killing and maiming the protestors – Trump believed he would be ‘saving’ the US system! He had already promised the withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan – but Trump also believed that homecoming US troops could be re-deployed throughout the US and used against the American people. Disengaging the US Forces from their confrontation with the Taliban suddenly became conflated with using the same military to help contain the American people – who were protesting over ‘racism’. As matters transpired, as the US Forces were finally withdrawn from Afghanistan in mid-2021 – the Taliban swept to a breath-taking victory! Although Trump was the architect behind the Afghanistan withdrawal – it was Joe Biden who was blamed for what the Americans viewed as a military ‘defeat’. Three-hundred thousand heavily armed and very well-trained Afghanistan men and women were left in-place to defend the regime created by the Americans over their twenty-year occupation of the country. These supposedly ‘Americanised’ Afghanistanis immediately stopped any organised resistance to the Taliban, took-off their uniforms and handed their weaponry to the advancing Taliban. This defeat – if it was one – was entirely the product of Trump’s imagination and political stupidity. In the meantime, Joe Biden celebrated as left-wing Burney Sanders was defeated… 

I am of the opinion that the underlying fallacy of this book is that there are not any substantial differences between these two elderly White men. Whereas they share most defining aspects – where they differ is that Trump is right of centre – whilst Biden is centre-right. As White men they both deploy racism strategically as and when they want to – with both blaming the other for the inappropriate use of race rhetoric when they do. Trump’s flirtation with the far-right has fed into the neo-Nazi movement in the US and the anti-vaxxer campaigns that have ebbed and flowed as time has gone on. Of course, Biden has stoked these fires with his ‘Covid19 from a Wuhan lab’ nonsense. And then Trump caught Covid19… Whilst Trump was receiving the best medical treatment in US hospitals – he continued to encourage anti-vaxxers via twitter (a US social media platform like Facebook and YouTube which fully endorsed and supported Trump’s ongoing expressions of fascist ideology until he fell out of style). These social media entities do not care about ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’, but only about how many people they can compel to ‘sign-up’ for a free account so that they can receive an endless stream of paid advertisements from the millions of business subscribers. Trump’s fascism was so popular at its peak that it was attracting millions of individuals to subscribe to social media platforms. It was only when opposition to Trump became more popular than Trump’s fascism that the social media platforms altered its policy away from Trump and toward his opponents. As these self-serving advertising agencies possess no moral guidance whatsoever, if Trump ever becomes popular again – then the policy would be altered once again to reflect this shift in fascist appreciation. These companies simply do not care beyond adverts being pumped into your living room. Another element of the policy of social media platforms, a policy that has never changed, is that the US governmental interpretation of events and general foreign policy is the de facto position of each social media platform – even within countries outside the US where these entities are allowed to behave as if they were still operating within United States sovereign territory. This means that US social media platforms deliberately deprive individual citizens of other countries of their rights as enshrined in the sovereign legal codes of their countries. This is the use of the international internet by the US to invade the homes (and minds) of millions of people living outside the US! Trump’s fascism (and Biden’s indifference) effects the outside world more than it should do due to the US social media platforms not being made to abide by the sovereign law of the countries they operate within.  

Did Trump lose the 2020 election in the US? Yes. Undoubtedly. The US rhetoric of Chinese (‘Communist’) or Russian interference in their recent election or data-storage processes led to an anti-intellectual environment very similar to an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ scenario! The US far-right was reaching-out to its equivalent in the religious and military communities, and demanding assistance in generating and sustaining an alternative reality which saw Trump as a God-like figure who was so popular that his word was law and every act a demonstration of divine revelation! Trump and his fascist allies sought to replace ‘factual news’ with ‘fake news’ so that the distinction between the two could no longer be discerned. The more or less infallible voting machines used across the USA was interpreted by Trump as being the product of anti-American ‘Communist’ technology possibly linked to Venezuela, Cuba or China! This ‘Communist’ technology, according to Trump, contained software which could be manipulated by left-wing forces outside the USA (via the internet), so that the centre-right and the right-wing could be ‘deprived’ of all election victories as and when this shady ‘Communist’ junta wanted to intercede in the democratic process! This is a compelling film-script – but it is not and was not an interpretation of reality in any way. The problem was that Trump possessed the most powerful position in the US and this enabled his ability to ‘spread’ his madness amongst his staff, supporters and general public (through the manipulation of the media). According to all the ‘triggered’ recounts resulting from Trump’s continued questioning of the democratic process, Joe Biden had won the election and Trump had lost. Furthermore, this defeat of Trump had happened fair and square. Trump’s racist, misogynist and anti-disabled rhetoric had run rife throughout the USA for four-years – empowering a racist police force and encouraging the more right-wing elements of the US military. Anti-China racism had reached a new height under Trump with the media focusing in upon Trump’s fascist opinions and making them sound as if they were the viewpoints of the mainstream! Trump had been staggered with the US-wide anti-racist protests throughout the US from May 2020 – which saw Black, White, Asian, Native Americans and Hispanic (Latino) people all come together to ‘protest’ police and institutional racism throughout America! Trump followed the far-right rhetoric of presenting this phenomenon as being the ‘fault’ not of the underlying racism of the US (which blighted the lives of millions on a daily basis) – but rather the product of the ‘anti-fascist’ (antifa) movement which exists to expose, protest and confront systemic racism! For Trump, as a ‘fascist’, reality was ‘inverted’ so that racism was normal and fine providing the anti-racists do not cause problems throughout society using targeted protests to highlight the problem! For Trump, it was the anti-racists who were the criminals (as they often did not support him politically) and it was the heavily armed racists (who supported him politically) that were the fine and upright-standing citizens that Trump’s policies sought to a) ‘protect’ and b) ‘empower’ further!  

Trump’s campaign was hitting further choppy-waters as his far-right publicity machine was generating anti-vaccination rhetoric as the official US scientific view was advocating extended periods of ‘lockdown’ and mass vaccination campaigns. Furthermore, although the far-right is opposed to any form of welfare – the Trump Administration was forced to consider extensive welfare reform for the duration of the Covid19 pandemic. Not only this, but the idea of free-food as part of a country-wide nutritional programme was called for, as society ground to a halt. Where Trump’s own minions suggested that households should receive $600 per month to live-on – Trump stated that this was a disgustingly ‘low’ amount and that single people should receive $2000 and couples should receive $4000 per month! In this way, this massive (Socialistic) re-distribution of wealth in the US was guaranteed to preserve the dignity and integrity of US society. (Trump had been briefed that the Communist Party of China had arranged for food, medical supplies, medical care and any other required resource delivered directly to each household’s front door). Trump was also aware that North Korea (DPRK) had pursued a complete ‘lockdown’ strategy and delivered every single thing each household needed straight to the front door. Whilst unjustly imposing even more sanctions on an isolated Cuba (declaring it a ‘terrorist’ State – albeit one that had never attacked any other country during its existence), whilst its Communist Party was struggling to protect its own people from Covid19 whilst having to nullify as much as possible the damaging effects of the unjust embargo. Even so, Cuba would not be bullied by the forces of US predatory capitalism, and whilst remaining ‘true’ to its Marxist-Leninist ‘Internationalist’ ideology – still managed to send teams of doctors abroad to assist the poorest populations of the world being ignored by the relatively rich capitalist countries! Trump appeared to be walking a thin-line between punishing Socialist Cuba and lying about Communist China and North Korea – whilst steering a ‘lock downed’ US on a dalliance with policies that looked suspiciously like ‘Socialism’! 

Did Trump lose votes on the right-wing and far-right because of this dalliance with Socialist ideology? Was this the beginning of the watering-down of his mass support throughout the right-wing in the US? Trump appeared to be encouraging the far-right by suggesting that vaccines (like voting machines) were ‘Communist’ technologies designed to infiltrate the minds and bodies of the US citizenry to turn everyone ‘left-wing’ through inoculation. Trump said all this whilst going on TV and advertising the fact that he had been vaccinated and that everyone else should also get vaccinated to keep everyone in the country safe. How did this fit-in with far-right ideology? It did not fit-in at all. The problem was that mainstream (and reliable) science was being demonised by the far-right and it just so happened that Communist ideology demands that the development of society must be decided and directed through the correct application of material science in all areas of human endeavour. The far-right is not renowned for its grasp of subtle reasoning and this is why it continuously ‘conflates’ the logic and reason of mainstream science with Communist ideology so that a distinction could no longer be drawn between the two entities. Doing the correct ‘scientific’ procedure during the Covid19 pandemic was viewed by the far-right as nothing short of a Communist insurrection across the USA! What was even stranger for most of these people was that the far-right leader in the personage of Donald Trump was appearing to be supporting this Communist insurrection, but it did not take long for a counter-conspiracy to take-shape. This new version of far-right reality presented Trump as a far-right hero who was ‘trapped’ in a compromised electoral system already over-run by the forces of a Communist invasion! The far-right took the decision that Trump needed ‘rescuing’ from the imprisonment he was obviously suffering – part of which seemed to involve him being forced to express left-wing policies which he did not agree with in reality! The far-right – and the right-wing that had been seduced into its camp – was in trauma and was seeking a mass movement that would a) ‘rescue’ Donald Trump and b) ensure that his totalitarian rule continue in the US under the guise of ‘President’. 

Between August 11th and 12th, 2017, the Trump Administration allowed a ‘Unite the Right Rally’ to take place in Charlottesville, Virgina. Probably around one-thousand White Supremacist protestors gathered to protest the intended removal of a statue of Confederate General Lee from public display. Whilst chanting racist slogans, whilst re-asserting that Donald Trump was their ‘President’ – these protestors were allowed to do what they wanted by the local police as the general feeling was that this protest represented the ‘mainstream’ in America under Donald Trump! Of course, Trump attempted to blame the anti-fascist protestors for the problems, (again stating that if only the ‘violent’ protestors against racism left the racists alone – then these protests would not descend into violence). This outrageous outburst of Neo-Nazi support in the US was broadcast across the country as if it were the ‘new normal’ that everyone had to come to terms with. The racism expressed and violence committed attracted very little official criticism and seemed to set the political agenda for the Trump Administration. The disgusting aspect of this is how the US system itself adapted to a Neo-Nazi reality with a startling speed! Whites seen to attack and kill Blacks and Asians on the streets was packaged as nothing less than legitimate ‘police actions’! Non-White people lived in a very real fear for their safety – with many retreating out of the light of public life. Trump’s view was that non-White people in America were a threat to the Constitution and a problem for the American way of life. Non-White people had to be put into their place whilst non-White immigration had to stop (a policy symbolised by Trump’s ‘Wall’ across the US-Mexico border). In other words, what the far-right saw in Trump was the affirmation of Adolf Hitler’s concept of a ‘race-war’ between the ‘superior’ White race and all the other ‘inferior’ non-White races! Hitler (and his supporters) viewed this as a means to assert White Supremacy in the world and eventually ‘eradicate’ all the other competing (but ‘corrupting’) races around the world! Until that day, or so the far-right reasoned, it was in America’s best interests that the populations of non-White people be extremely limited. 

All these streams of reality laid the foundations for the events of January 6th, 2021, which saw Donald Trump lead an ‘insurrection’ in an attempt by his followers to seize all political power in the United States and place it into the hands of Donald Trump! Trump’s storm-troopers on this occasion were the Neo-Nazi supporters seen before in 2017. Carrying Nazi German Swastikas, Confederate and US flags, thousands of White Supremacists stormed the Capitol building – quite often greeted and supported by the attending law enforcement. Many believed this was a demonstration of the ‘new normal’ people power and did not attempt to stop it. The far-right was on the march in the US and was very close to securing complete political power! Trump encouraged the violence as he insisted that the election had been ‘fixed’! The fact that no one could advance any material evidence to prove this had been the case was all but ignored by the White Supremacist protestors! The point of this far-right protest was to stop Joe Biden being confirmed as President – a shocking and un-American reaction to the result of a liberal, democratic election! Crowds had started to gather around the Whitehouse on January 4th, and started staking-out claims of ‘space’ which they patrolled like the armed militias they were. Around ten to twenty thousand pro-Trump protestors were expected with Trump demanding that the law enforcement personnel be as unarmed as possible and that the staff on duty be as de-militarised as possible. Meanwhile, behind the scenes Trump continued to use ‘Twitter’ to communicate and link-up his millions of far-right supporters and other extremist hangers-on and admirers. Twitter has never faced any legal ramifications for empowering Trump and his far-right support-base across the United States and helped focus it onto Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. Trump interspersed his fascistic tweets with ‘live’ broadcasts on national TV – sounding more and more like Adolf Hitler by the hour! Trump demanded both violence and strength from his supporters – demanding that the ‘will’ of the take-over from the machinations of Congress. Makeshift gallows were erected outside the Whitehouse with chants echoing around the streets of ‘hand Steve Pence’! Trump demanded that the US media show the ‘live’ pictures around the world of just how powerful and popular he was! 

The White extremists attacked the Capitol building confronted by a confused defensive force that was torn between welcoming and opposing the protestors. Although Nazi German Nazi flags were interspersed with symbols of White supremacy and Confederate flags! The objective of this far-right assault upon American democracy was to prevent the democratic process from confirming Joe Biden as President – and for the confirmation of Donald Trump as the ‘President’ of the United States. Taking ‘Selfies’ with guards and at key architectural points of the Capitol building – with ALL the social media platforms being used – including tumblr, linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – gleefully vying with one another to gain as much exposure as possible, whilst simultaneously censoring the political ‘left’ which stood in opposition to this fascist attempt at taking-over of the US democratic system. Anything ‘leftist’ was immediately shut-down by the US social media infrastructure whilst allowing the White extremists to post what they want – when they wanted! To date, no one working for these pro-fascist social media platforms has ever faced any legal consequence for their open support of Trump’s fascist inspiration! Whilst Trump refused to criticise or stop the riot – the Secret Service was carefully lifting individual politicians out of the danger they were in whilst hiding in their offices or ‘safe spaces’ throughout the Capitol building! Trump received endless mobile telephone-calls from staff and politicians whose offices had been over-run and that they had been ‘over-run’ by Trump’s fascist supporters! Trump reportedly would chuckle at these notifications, apparently enjoying the entire process of lawlessness as it unfolded! Trump’s rehearsed responses to the violence committed by his supporters was that ‘far-left’ infiltrators had inserted themselves amongst his far-right supporters and were the ones perpetuating all the violence! Again, social media and mainstream media broadcast these lies without any hesitation – which added more fuel to the fire of discontent. 

US social media encouraged and inspired tens of thousands of far-right extremists to descend upon Washington to take part in what they viewed as a ‘historic’ event in world history! Behind the scenes, Trump Staffers were calling for the National Guard and even the Regular Army to help defend the democratic process from an attack from far-right supporters. Trump continued expressing his love and admiration for his Neo-Nazi protestors asking them to ‘control’ what they were doing – and to return home once their point had been made. Although this was a movement of ‘people power’ it was fascistic and totalitarian in essence and function. Such a demonstration of ‘people power’ sent shockwaves and fear throughout Washington and beyond. This may have been the first-time the US had experienced a genuine wave of ‘people’s power’ since the insurrection of the 1770s! If this had been a working-class uprising premised upon the Scientific Socialism of Marxist-Leninism – the US bourgeois (capitalist) system – and those who support it, would have called-out the US Airforce and blanket-bombed and napalmed all the left-wing insurrectionists, with social media and mainstream press showing footage of the burned and twisted bodies littering the ground accompanied by headlines that ‘these Communists deserved everything they got!’ – and no one in the US ruling-class would have battered an eyelid. This is how different the US system would treat the left from the right – with the far-right being treated like some type of ‘film star’ who has been slightly naughty. This is the sheer hatred against Socialism the US system has generated over many generations through its endless and continuous disinformation. Ironically, Trump’s far-right supporters had been opposed by the left in America – but the left had not been supported by the social media outlets or the mainstream press. On the contrary, the US system had actually ‘blamed’ the left for the violence the pro-Trump far-right unleashed upon it. This is the very dangerous anti-intellectualism that defines the US system since the times of the Great Socialist Russian Revolution in 1917 – and the subsequent US military ‘invasion’ of Revolutionary Russia (a military expedition that would eventually be defeated by the Soviet Red Army in 1921). One thing is for sure – People’s Power’ is not welcome in the bourgeois-controlled United States – left or right! 

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