Good Muslim – Bad Muslim – Deciphering US Anti-Intellectualism!

Stupidity is a ‘Human Right’ in the US!

Wherever US money flows – hot on its heels is US anti-intellectualism! Indeed, US predatory capitalism cannot function without this relation between ‘greed’ and ‘stupidity’. It is important for the US bourgeoisie (as it is for the international bourgeoisie) that its control of the means of production is neither ‘challenged’ nor ‘usurped’! To ensure that the status quo stays the same the US system must collude to keep the exploited masses firmly in their place by continuously hindering its capacity for clear and concise thought. This approach seeks to maintain the ‘false consciousness’ identified by Marx whereby the working-class collude with the bourgeoisie in their own oppression! This inverted brain-washing is so exact and exerting that the workers believe that the poorer they are the better life is for them and that any pretences toward Socialism are tantamount to doing a deal with the devil. Being free of bourgeois oppression is a non-starter as the alternative is always presented as ‘horrific’ and ‘to be avoided’ for the continued well-being of the proletariat! 

Admittedly – the Standards Were ‘Low’ to Start with in the US!

The bourgeoise achieve this objective by continuously deploying the logic of ‘inverted’ thinking in every avenue of existence. Every ‘fact’ is conveyed sandwiched between two ‘lies’ so as to colour the reality being presented. The point of this is to perpetuate the lie that the working-class has reached the apex of its historical development under the capitalist system and that no other political ideology has anything worth offering the proletariat other than an enhanced and maniacal suffering! Therefore, ‘fear’ is the foundation of this type of bourgeois-derived brain-washing. An example of this tactic in operation derives from the US intelligence community and its fabricating the false idea that Muslims in Chechnya were rounding-up members of the LGBTQNB+ community and placing them in ‘Concentration Camps’ presumably for ‘eradication’. This story surfaced in 2019 and was part of the US fuelling of its policy of anti-Russian racism. As is typical of the deployment of these false news stories – fake witnesses, made-up statistics and fictitious Wikipedia pages dutifully appear – whilst no reliable evidence exists in the Russian language, the Chechnyan language, or on the ground. In other words, there is no objective evidence that this episode happened in Chechnya itself. This doesn’t matter as the US is perpetuating a ‘myth’ designed entirely for internal Western conception. The effectiveness of this racist (and Islamophobic) myth is that it is repeatedly referenced as being ‘true’ (despite no evidence) throughout the literature of the Western LGBTQNB+ community.  

A Classic Example of US Anti-Intellectualism Presenting ‘Defeat’ As ‘Victory’!

Taking a step back for a moment, in the post-1945 era of US Cold War Disinformation, it was decided to perpetuate the lie that there was and is ‘no difference’ between the fascist ideology of Nazi Germany, and the ‘Scientific Socialism’ advocated by the USSR. This US anti-intellectual pronouncement ignored the fact that these two social systems fought one another in a race war started by Adolf Hitler with the intention of committing genocide against the ‘Slavic’ (Soviet) people! In other words, the USSR was the victim of Nazi Germany and in the fight that ensued around thirty-four million Soviet men, women and children were killed! The Soviet Red Army participated in the lion’s share of the battle against international fascism – with the Western allies only committing to a Normandy landing when it was clear that the Soviets were prevailing and heading resolutely toward Berlin! As the USSR was an ally of the US and UK it makes no logical sense to state that there is and was no difference between the ‘Socialism’ of the USSR and the ‘National Socialism’ of Nazi Germany! 

The Starving US Working-Class Queue for Food Under Propaganda Posters Informing Them that ‘Reality’ is NOT as They are Experiencing it!

In 2018, the British newspaper ‘The Economist’ followed the dictates of the US intelligence community and began to spread the disinformation that the ‘evil’ Chinese were rounding-up the Uyghur (Muslim) population living in the Xinjiang region of Northwest China and placing them in ‘Concentration Camps’. Whilst committing this crime – the US intelligence service had nothing to say about the ‘Hui’ Muslims who live quite happily spread throughout China. As no one has found the paid actors convincing that have been wheeled out to support these bizarre US claims – this story has been deliberately morphed to include the Uyghur population being used as slave labour. From a historical perspective, these are methods of oppression used against the Chinese by the Western imperialists!  

The Bourgeoisie in the UK Employs Its Own Racist Anti-Intellectualism!

However, if the internal logic of these two examples of US anti-intellectualism is examined, we find that ‘evil’ Muslims are attacking and killing the gay population of Chechnya (as if Chechnya is similar in structure to New York or San Francisco). The bourgeois establishment is demanding that Russia and Russian-Muslims should be hated for their evil behaviour toward the gay community! The enemy are the ‘Muslims’ (even though some of those Muslim might be ‘gay’). When the attention is switched to China, we find that it is the ‘evil’ Chinese who are oppressing the innocent ‘Muslims’! The bourgeois establishment is demanding that the Chinese are ‘hated’ because of the way they are allegedly treating the ‘innocent’ Muslims! In reality, if these stories were ‘real’, the Chinese would be ‘heroes’ as they are rounding-up the ‘evil’ Muslims and preventing them from oppressing the gay population! Which reality is it? This is the beauty of US anti-intellectualism – as ‘reality’ and ‘logic’ are secondary to the cajoling of the masses to believe in fake stories and dangerous myths – and then ‘act’ on these false narratives as if they were real! 

Even the Early American Thinkers Viewed ‘Ignorance’ as a Threat to Society!

The bourgeois class only cares about its own class interests – it does not care about you as an individual in anyway. It does not care about a) the LGBTQNB+ community, b) the Islamic community and c) the Chinese community. It only cares about retaining control of the means of production and not losing said control under any circumstance. Therefore, US anti-intellectual lie number one is that it ‘cares about you’. US anti-intellectual lie number two is that ‘we are all enemies against one another’. US anti-intellectual lie number three is that we ‘must all fight one another’ so as to ensure our ‘presence’ and our unique ‘social space’. What is the bourgeois system actually doing through the deployment of this sophistry? It is using sleight of hand to distract your attention from the real ‘central’ problem – namely that of the ‘puppet master’ who is pulling all the strings! Whereas the ‘inverted’ nature of bourgeois society implies that we are all one another’s greatest enemy – in non-inverted reality we should all unite to fight the common enemy that holds all the power to make our lives as miserable as possible! We are not one another’s greatest enemy – as our greatest enemy is the bourgeoisie!  We must unite and organise so that we form a coherent working-class that can ‘seize’ the means of production and put an end to the world-wide dominance of US anti-intellectualism!  

The US Working-Class are Brain-Washed to be ‘Selfish’!

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