Biden Whitehouse Cites Mexican Drug Cartels for ‘Most Improved Human Rights’ Award!

Whilst continuous US governments refer to harmless Socialist countries as ‘terrorists’ – it is probably no surprise that President Biden – after carrying-out a two-day probe into the organisation and antics of the numerous Mexican drug cartels – has decided to issue the ‘Most Improved Record of Human Rights’ Award to leader of the ‘Recto del diablo’ cartel – one ‘Señor corte de garganta’ – who is reported as making great strides in reducing the use of the arbitrary death sentence against anyone who contradicts any thought he might have.  

Amnesty Confirms Donbass Behind ‘Racist’ anti-Caret Poster Which Sees Prominent Ukrainian Nationalists ‘Blacked-Up’ to Appear ‘Mexican’!

Vice President Harris stated ‘This is not China or Cuba we are talking about.  These are not blood-thirsty Socialist regimes that want to steal your children, rape your women and eat your husbands! No! These are natives of the Americas just like you and me who revel in the free-market and opportunities it can bring to enrich everybody’s lives!’ When asked about the obvious and ongoing brutality associated with these criminal gangs – Vice President Harris answered ‘Would you rather have Huawei in your living room? Do you want the Communist Party of China watching your every move through their corrupt 5G technology? No? Then support President Biden in this mission of drawing our friends closer so as to ensure your ongoing safety and the stability of the United States!’  

Mexican Drug cartels Are Important for the US T-Shirt Export Trade!

Amnesty Internation released an unsigned statement advising that the Mexican Cartels should not be judged too harshly – as the grainy videos purporting to show their many atrocities are obviously far too difficult to see clearly. They could be featuring anyone whilst being ascribed to the Mexicans due to racist attitudes! Amnesty further stated that there is evidence that a number of these so-called ‘Mexican Cartel’ murder videos are in fact from the Russian-supporting Eastern regions of the Ukraine – with left-wing rebels ‘blacking-up’ to deceive the world! In the meantime, Israel has led the charge to congratulate President Biden – closely followed by Canada and Palou Islands… We have not been able to contact the Mexican Cartels for comment.  

The Happy Cartels ‘Celebrate’ By Donning Biden Masks!

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