Kittens Confirm Their ‘Yin-Yang’ Status!

A Typical ‘Taijitu’ Pattern is Formed!
The ‘Yin-Yang’ Symbol is More Properly Called the ‘Taijitu’!

Yin – Yang (陰陽) = ‘Shadow’ (‘Lack of Light’, ‘Dark’) – ‘Non-Shadow’ (‘Presence of Light’, ‘ Bright’)

Taiji Tu (太极图) = ‘Grand Ridge-Pole’ (a theoretical ‘rotating, controlling and directing ‘central’ polarity that lies at the heart of all material and immaterial reality – continuously ebbing and flowing between light (Yang) and dark (Yin) – dark and light (and any and all other corresponding and associated polarities). There are a number of shaded roundels all depicting the inter-play of ‘light’ (Yang) and ‘dark’ (Yin) – all termed ‘Taiji Tu’ – although within popular culture in the West these symbols are referred to as ‘Yin-Yang’ Symbols. Within Chinese culture, the ‘Taiji Tu’ is understood to symbolise the flux of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ – but only from within the context of a continuously rotating and controlling centrality (the ‘Grand Ridge-Pole’). Therefore, the ‘Taiji Tu’ is never referred to as a ‘Yin-Yang’ Symbol within Chinese thinking – as this would imply an inversion of logic – similar to only ever referring to an ‘automobile’ through the functional agency of ‘mileage’. This ‘measure of movement’ tells the enquirer ‘nothing’ about the ‘automobile’ that is moving.

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