tumblr Behaves in a Typical and Anti-Intellectual Manner!

tumblr Has Behaved in a Typical US Anti-Intellectual Manner!

Dear tumblr Colleagues 

My tumblr account has been closed-down for the libel of supposedly ‘glorifying’ terrorism. As a British citizen whose family has a long history of confronting fascism – I find this allegation ludicrous but not unexpected – as much of the management of US-dominated social media contradicts freedom of speech (whilst claiming to uphold it) and exercise the usual US anti-intellectualism when attempting to gather (and assess) evidence and build narratives, etc. Now, to business. As I live in the UK – US law does not apply to me and does not operate within the boundaries of our sovereign, geographical State. Furthermore, the vagaries of US foreign policy do not run in Great Britain, and there are no reasons why British people should have to accept the American view of the world as ‘correct’. I certainly do not agree with US neo-imperialism and am opposed to the predatory capitalism the US enforces around the globe. As these are the thoughts that exist in my mind – they are nothing to do with any of you who ‘push the buttons’ at tumblr – and I am not interested in your personal viewpoints (as I do not know you). In a similar vein – my political views are my own and certainly not ‘hidden’! I have recently shared on tumblr a number of articles, photographs and videos all obtained from mainstream, Western (predominantly ‘American’) news outlets, concerning the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan after fighting a twenty-year battle with the US. Many people in the UK have protested the use of the British Army in this misadventure and regret its presence in Afghanistan. Again, I have no interest in the viewpoints of the ‘button pushers’ who disagree with my expressed opinions. If you do not like what I think then ‘tough’. Instead of behaving ‘illegally’ and ‘irresponsibly’, why not formulate a cogent opinion of your own that attempts to counter mine and let the people design? Again, I just do not care what the ‘button pushers’ say (or do) as long as it does not violate the personal freedoms I enjoy in my country as a British citizen. My two grandfathers fought in the British Armed Forces during WWII as proud allies of the Soviet Union – which, incidentally, was also an ally of the United States! Of course, as American bigots, you are persecuting me for being a ‘Communist’ but this does not bother me one iota. Why should it? I am on the right side of history and fighting all the hate-filled ideologies in the world – many of which emanate from within the USA! How to move forward. I am disinclined to accept an apology from tumblr as you should not have violated my inalienable rights as a British person in the first place! Nor will I accept the reinstatement of my account as a form of compensation – as I feel this will allow tumblr to get away with this appalling behaviour and close the door on any possible legal action I might decide to take. In the meantime, I (and others) will continue to work for legislation that ‘bans’ US-controlled social media from illegally applying US law in foreign countries – and insisting that the view of the current US government is NOT the only acceptable or viable expression allowed on these platforms of mass communication. The United States should not be allowed to use social media as a means to spread its greed-orientated and hate-filled hegemony and destructive culture around the world through ‘stealth’ – supported by the arbitrary ‘punishment’ of those who realise what is going on – and who choose to ‘expose’ this form of ongoing cultural abuse. The deficient US system you represent (and support) will eventually fall-away and be consigned to the dustbin of history – and those of us who were your victims will be recognised for the ‘heroes’ we undoubtedly are – as we dared to stand-up and stare you in the eye despite the inevitable circumstance! 

Note: The ‘Automatic’ Corporation apparently administers ‘tumblr’ as well as a number of other social media platforms. What concerns me is that ‘Automatic’ is also behind word-press.com – the providers of this blog which I have spent ten years building-up! Nothing is safe on social media as long as it is run by US companies – which are invariably in the pocket of the US government! They will stop at nothing to distort history and influence humanity to pursue anti-intellectual narratives and bizarre modes of behaviour! I can only hope that as I have to ‘pay’ for this blog, and given that the Americans worship money over all else, it may be that this arrangement will save my accumulated work from suddenly being ‘deleted’!

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