Dharma Mills of the 14th Dalai Lama!

Contrary to the disinformation broadcast by the US-controlled ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ in the West – the 14th Dalai Lama has a bad reputation in modern Tibet (and throughout the other parts of Western China where ethnic Tibetans reside). He is an irrelevance within China but has taken on the status of a cult-leader in the West that possesses a highly effective merchandise department – which even includes base-ball caps featuring the ‘Dalai Lama’s’ name! The unpopularity of the Dalai Lama throughout Asia stems from three broad areas of historical analysis: 

1) He was one of the so-called ‘High Lamas’ that perpetuated the old (and brutal) feudal system against the masses that was prevalent within the Tibetan region – being a key hierarchical figure in the distorted and corrupt Buddhism it perpetuated. This ‘Buddhism’ integrated the ‘tantric’ form of Indian Buddhism with numerous primitive, tribal and clan-like modes of backward social organisation and judicial modes of punishment. Under the tenure of the Dalai Lama, convicts were routinely ‘skinned’ whilst others experienced their eyes being gouged-out with a spoon-like instrument. Indeed, within the dungeons underlying the Potala Palace in Lhasa, existed numerous devices for the long-term ‘torture’ of prisoners held in nearby cells.  

2) Numerous Dalai Lamas in the past have often perpetuated ‘racism’ and ‘nationalism’ amongst their own people, and used this propaganda to encourage the masses to group together and deliberately attack people perceived as being members of other ethnicities (this has also included attacks on Westerners and on Tibetans who have converted to Christianity). The 14th Dalai Lama appears to have followed this trend in perpetuating ‘separatism’ and ‘nationalism’ in a manner through which many of his Western supporters would be surprised to discover. Before, during and after WWII, he gave refuge to Nazi German War Criminals (with his Court reflecting the pro-fascist policy of the Vatican in Rome). These Nazi Germans were given their freedom by the US after 1952 – providing they fabricated biographies about their time in Tibet that supported the US lie of a Chinese invasion! 

3) After being granted a pardon for his crimes after the 1949 Socialist Revolution in China – the Dalai Lama allowed and assisted the CIA of the United States to establish bases within Tibet upon sovereign Chinese soil – where they perpetuated pro- capitalist rebellion amongst the poorly educated Tibetan population. When his ongoing scheming and plots were discovered – he fled to nearby capitalist India where he was given sanctuary. Since then, the Dalai Lama has encouraged misinformed Tibetans to give-up their good lives within modern Tibet and flee into India where they are forced to live in abject poverty (and experience genuine capitalist indifference to their well-being). The Dalai Lama, meanwhile, now lives within luxury hotels in the US whilst receiving regular amounts of money from the US government. 

All these basic reasons permeate into many more examples of how the 14th Dalai Lama’s behaviour has brought pain and suffering to the Tibetan people. Although now an employee of the US government (and living in luxury hotels) – he is more a fabricated icon for a poorly informed (bourgeois) movement in the West that hangs on every word he expresses as of it is profoundly important and world-altering! The irony is that the Dalai Lama represents everything reactionary, backward and regressive, whilst perpetuating a ‘Cult’ of distorted Buddhism in the West that is designed to appear more ‘Judeo-Christian’ on the surface to his Western supporters. This further corruption of Tibetan Buddhism adds a new dimension to the bad reputation Tibetan Buddhism already has (i.e., the ignorance associated with ‘Lamaism’ in Tibet, and the actions of ever-increasing corrupt Lamas in the West) and represents a vast money-making industry which sees bourgeois publishers quick to print this nonsense for the fee-paying public to purchase and absorb. Indeed, much of what passes as ‘Tibetan Buddhism’ in this pseudo reality already possesses ancient lineages within China that are historically legitimate and philosophically accurate. Nothing the Dalai Lama says can be trusted as he lives in a world that has been fabricated for him by the CIA – and which has its own terms of employment. One of which requires the Dalai Lama to fully embrace US anti-intellectualism and present fake Buddhism through this filter of degeneracy, appropriation and Eurocentrism. Yes – the Dalai Lama and his cronies are at the head of a vast ‘Dharma Mill’ that churns-out an endless stream of ‘feel good’ literature (replete with moronic ‘smiling’ Lamas) that is not worth the paper it is printed upon! Although having taken vows as a Buddhist monk never to a) ‘lie’ and b) ‘never touch money’ – the Dalai Lama openly supports the capitalist system and has sold his brand of corrupt Buddhism to a willing population that lacks any genuine knowledge about Tibetan culture and history. This has not prevented the Dalai Lama from continuously ‘breaking’ his Vinaya Vows and amassing such a huge personal fortune since 1959 – that he has to employ a team of accountants to oversee his tax returns! 

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