Socialist Football: Progressive Flag Education!

How North Korea Progressed Through the World Cup in 1966 (UK)!

Although football probably originated in England hundreds (or thousands) of years ago – from a pre-Christian Pagan activity – today, it is a highly lucrative (and exploitative) business (invented in this latest guise about 150-years ago) to control the industrialised working-class during their days-off of off long factory shifts! Football stadia were designed to keep all the workingmen in one gigantic place and for the bourgeoisie to recoup yet more of their hard-earned wages before the men had a chance to buy alcohol for themselves, pay rent for their homes, or purchase food and clothing for their wives and children! The bourgeoisie stole the Proletariat game of football – our game of football – and ruthlessly spend their time ‘selling’ it back to us! The working-class addiction to football is in itself not a problem, – as the ‘beautiful game’ has much in its favour as a means for encouraging progressive and collective action – and who can forget the magnificent North Korean football team that arrived in the Uk in 1966 to treat the world to their ‘Juche’ brand of football that earned them tens of thousands of admirers in England!  

‘Come On North Korea!’ – We Will Never Forget You! (1966)

We await Communist China’s arrival on the world stage as their game is still in the midst of carefully and fully developing (alongside Hong Kong who already hold a ‘win’ over England)! My father – in the late 1950s and 1960s – played football for Leicester City Reserves and even tried-out for Nottingham Forest when young! My family is British and Chinese – we are working-class and thoroughly ‘Internationalist’! We love Scotland and the Scottish people, by the way, but business is business and we have to play a Euro 2020 game half-way through 2021 (due to the delay regarding Covid19)! Football confrontation should not allow the working-class to degenerate into unnecessarily competing and bourgeois-friendly entities that see no further than the next game! Proletariat Unity must also supersede local rivalry – in that way the game can be appreciated in a progressive manner with no violence! 

Our Flag of George Replete with Soviet ‘Victory of Fascism’ Flag!

As far as our children are aware – our Flag is ‘Red’ – and the Union Jack old fashioned and a symbol of an older and redundant world order that spread as much suffering as it did progression! Flags are pieces of coloured cloth that can be changed at a moment and can mean anything the designer intends! The English football flag is the red cross and three-lions. It is associated with a semi-mythical Turkish Knight – St George – who supposedly fought a dragon! As people with Chinese tendencies, we love dragons which we view as good-natured, illusive and quite charming! We do not support fighting them or killing them! Furthermore, we tell our children, a number of countries use the cross of St George as their national emblem – which means it certainly is not unique! Although a ‘cross’ is Christian in origin, we emphasis the fact that the ‘red cross’ also symbolises ‘medical’ assistance and ‘helping’ those in medical need! The red cross of St George does not represent a ‘race’, ‘ethnicity’ or ‘culture’ and never has! It is not even an ‘official’ flag of the UK but is associated with the Royal Navy. As British people, we can be as brave as a lion and yet be genteel enough to help anyone in need! As Socialists (Marxist-Leninists) this is how we educate our children to think and act in an ‘Internationalist’ sense! The working-class should enjoy the game but never abandon striving forward together to make society a better place! 

British People Instinctively Supported North Korea in 1966!

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