Sutton – Second Covid19 Jab – (16.6.2021)

Well, the time finally arrived for our second Covid19 vaccination! We had been offered an earlier date, but due to various issues of time and responsibilities, etc, we decided to keep our original appointment date. The Venue was exactly the same – a former shop-space in the St Nicholas Shopping Centre in Sutton – a Borough of South London! We were met by a staff who were a combination of ‘Volunteers’ and professional NHS Staff who checked are credentials and shifted us toward the injection table. Again, everything ran smoothly and like clock-work – including the fifteen-minute sit and recover session after receiving the injection! Over the next twelve hours we both experienced mild headaches, shacking and a slight temperature. All of this was short-lived however, and much more preferable than catching the full and ‘live’ Covid19 virus!

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