‘We’ Are the Communist Party!

The Communist Party is the Greatest Single Entity in the World!

In this modern age, the Communist Party remains the most important and only viable working-class establish whose function it is is to lead the working-class through Revolution and onward to Socialism and Communism! Of course, there will be false starts, false Comrades, corrupt individuals and misleading cliques – but when all this ‘fog’ of perception and deceiver of action is cleared-away, the Communist Party remains the only true vehicle that can and will deliver a new beginning for humanity! This process does not involve blind faith in a monolithic and impersonal structure, and neither does it involve the politics of popularism! No, every single one of us is the Communist Party writ large and the Communist Party, regardless of what part, committee or council, etc, represents all of our needs! 

British Communists Fighting in the Spanish Civil-War!

A stumbling block for developing a sound and far-reaching Communist Party stems from the fact that in the West we all live in a bourgeois, capitalist country. We are brought-up from birth to pursue personal greed, and to think that ‘hyper-individuality’ equals the only freedom worth having. As the Communist Party is a ‘collectivist’ entity, the decisions it makes and the policies it pursues are the product of group discussion that involves the entirety of society. When this process is triggered, the best possible policy will be decided upon and implemented. This will be the course of action which benefits the greater number of people and solves certain problems that need rectifying or correcting, etc. As individuals, sometimes this process can appear ‘alienating’ in the sense that it does not take into account the thoughts and feelings of the bourgeois individual.  

Great Revolutionary Leaders in the US On May Day!

Indeed, this is why the membership of the Communist Party remains relatively ‘low’ throughout Western Europe. The point is that the Communist Party is a mass Proletariat entity that does not accept or recognise the validity of the bourgeois model of social organisation or the reality it projects. Bourgeois individualism is rejected a priori with the foundation of the Communist Party being entirely Proletariat and collectivist in structure. Collective decision making will often be far beyond the capacity of single individuals to comprehend. This is because collective consideration and planning possesses a greater power than that involving one or two specialist thinkers as seen in the bourgeois model. This is where an individual Comrade must use their common-sense and study carefully what is going on. 

The Communist Party is Engaged in a ‘Collectivist’ Fight!

A collectivist reality is far greater and complex than anyone individual can possibly know through personal experience. This is essentially the ‘selfish’ model of interpretation that must be firmly given-up as irrelevant to the efficient functioning of the working-class. Centralised democracy means that everyone has a ‘say’ in the many committees and groups that comprise the body of the Communist Party – with the central committee assessing all the data received from the periphery of the Party and scientifically sorting-out the most efficient and effective path for the entirety of society to follow. Questions are asked in the centre, middle and periphery of the Communist Party – and answers are provided from the centre, middle and periphery! Ordinary and honest experience is augmented by the specialist knowledge possessed by various committees and ‘waves’ of proletariat enlightenment flow from the periphery to the centre – and from the centre to the periphery in a continuous and healthy co-dependent circulation!  

The Communist Party of China Has Achieved Great Things!

Just as conditions change, so do the experience of the workers. When the workers report these changes, the debate throughout the party is modified to meet the inherent ‘new’ challenges in the situation. The central committee ‘guards’ the entire structure of the Party but does not own it – with the periphery of the Party (as in the ‘periphery’ of a Socialist society) is guarded by a Red Army! No one is more important than anyone else, and each worker must fulfil his or her position to the best of their ability regardless of what position they hold in the Party. On an ideological battlefield it is not always easy to ascertain which part of the conflict it more important than any other, or to anticipate how circumstances change over time. Every position within the Communist Party is of an ‘equal’ importance, whether a Comrade sweeps the factory floor or is the elected General Secretary! Anyone who thinks otherwise is a class enemy!  

Labour is the ‘Essence’ of Communism!

Individual members of the Communist Party must educate themselves so that their minds become clearer, sharper, and more able to perceive collective decision-making, collective-leadership and collective-participation! If there is something you do not understand, do not jump to conclusions, but sit back and attempt to acquire a greater perspective into the nature of what is being said. Be careful not to jump to conclusion and learn to be incisive, considerate and correct. On the other hand, bourgeois arrogance is not appropriate and neither is ‘individualism’ in the place of ‘collectivity’. Conflicts can occur if corruption and fatigue has managed to penetrate the Party structures, and if this happens, then these bourgeois polluting agents must be identified, cut-off from the Party membership and expelled from the Party! Regardless of the process involved, every decision must be premised upon logic and reason! This is how the Communist Party remains the greatest working-class entity in the world, and progresses the working-class through the practice of dialectical debate and discussion!  

The Communist Party Leads the Workers to Victory!

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