Disparaging North Korea – US-Inspired Banking and Cyber Crime! (31.5.2017)

Kim Jong_Un – a Great Socialist Leader!

Translator’s Note: As a Socialist country, the ‘Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea’ (DPRK) is an independent entity and determined independent State that does interface with, or participate in, the world of capitalistic, commercial enterprise. In this sense, North Korea remains one of the truly and uniquely ‘independent’ countries in the world that is not beholden to the US-controlled ‘World Bank’ or ‘International Monetary Fund’! In other words, North Korea is not ‘in debt’ and does not ‘owe’ the United States banking-system any money – a situation the US would use to ‘pressurise’ and ‘reform’ the DPRK system away from Socialism and toward predatory ‘capitalism’! Indeed, the aggressive military of South Korea awaits poised on the 38th Parallel for just such a time that its American overlords order it Northwards in an attempt to spread US imperialism! This is why the DPRK must and does retain a robust military counter-strike mechanism that can even reach the US Mainland should America choice to ignite such a scenario on the Korean Peninsula. This article us typical of how US anti-intellectualism is exported outside of the US Mainland and becomes ‘normalised’ in the ‘mainstream’ within the general interpretative narrative regarding how North Korea is perceived and interpreted. The DPRK is very much presented as the ‘unknown’ bogeyman who lurks surreptitiously in the shadows waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting! Despite not being officially or unofficially linked to the capitalistic international banking system, the US is continuously accusing the DPRK of being ‘greedy’ for money, and prepared to use dastardly computer technology to fulfil this maniacal urge! Of course, none of this true. In these allegations, the US is simply ‘projecting’ its own corrupt image upon the DPRK (and hoping no one will notice) – a country that is peaceful, clean, tidy, successful, happy, determined and progressive! Oddly, this article admits its own criminality by admitting that for North Korea to carry-out cyber-crime effectively – it must first ‘steal’ potentially ‘criminal’ technology from the US government! This beggars the question as to ‘why’ the US would possess this type of technology in the first-place! ACW (31.5.2021) 

News, October 16, 2017: The popular WannaCry malware attack this year has awakened the real potential of world destruction. Cyber-attacks can weaken infrastructure, such as that causing the collapse of the British National Health System (NHS). In addition, companies and schools in other parts of the world have also been damaged. 

Now Microsoft President and Chief Legal Counsel Brad Smith claims to have identified the entity behind the WannaCry malware attack. Microsoft President Brad Smith told ITV that he was “very confident” that North Korea was behind the global WannaCry cyber-attack using “computer tools or weapons stolen from the NSA (National Security Agency).” IT House previously reported that the WannaCry computer virus affects more than 1.2 million computers in 150 countries, but it is not very good at “ransomware” because its mechanism is poor, and funds cannot be collected from victims, and computers cannot be disarmed according to instructions.  

The destructiveness. Smith said: “I think at this point, all observers will conclude that WannaCry was caused by North Korea’s use of cyber tools or weapons stolen from the US National Security Agency.” Soon after the hacking, the well-known Google security researcher Neel Mehta revealed that the earlier version of WannaCry code found similarities to hacking tools from the Korean Lazarus Group. In May of this year, a report issued by the Financial Security Research Institute commissioned by the South Korean government stated that North Korea was responsible for the 2014 attack on Sony Entertainment’s business.  

Although Microsoft’s windows computers are the main target of WannaCry attacks, they may be a good thing for Microsoft because the unsupported versions of windows computers proved to be not only insecure, but also a real threat to business continuity. WannaCry promoted the wave of windows10 system upgrade. Nonetheless, Brad Smith will continue to push for an ongoing truce in cyber warfare between various actors, including the United States, Russia, and North Korea. He said: “We need governments to unite as they did in Geneva in 1949 and pass a new Digital Geneva Convention, clearly stating that these cyber-attacks against civilians, especially in peacetime, are prohibited. Violating international law.” 

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