Michael Palin’s Nod to Juche! (2018)

According to South Korean Government sources (confirmed by the Biden White House) the Supreme Leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un – has issued a decree ‘banning’ all economic growth and technological advancement! This latest display of ‘Juche’ ideology will ensure the final break with the bourgeois economic system and place the hermit kingdom on a firm-footing on the path to independence and self-determination – an unnamed North Korean source confirmed! This latest innovation comes just days after the Supreme Leader ‘banned’ all drain-pipe trousers (reportedly because they remind him of ‘rain’) and after he had all ‘cats’ humanely destroyed because they kept chasing pigeons! They were next for the chop as their reactionary behaviour encouraged the cats together with certain pigeons flying back and forth over the 38th Parallel – ‘bringing Covid19 and all kinds of other ideological corruption’ into the DPRK!

Young North Korean Women – Happy to Greet Visitors!

Despite the apparent ‘internal’ logic of all this reporting, there are a few few lonely voices of dissent in the West suggesting that South Korea and (the USA) might not be the best sources for non-bias and/or otherwise factually correct information regarding the actual goings on in the hermit kingdom! Indeed, Michael Palin – who has visited the DPRK twittered today that ‘Juche’ is the essence of Socialist ideology which advocates continuous economic growth and a perpetual technological growth! Many in North Korea view ‘Juche’ as an expression of Revolutionary genius that transcends Marxist-Leninism!

North Korean Military Bristling with Determination!

The ex-Python has spent time with Kim Jong-Un – on one occasion translating the ‘Biggus Dickus’ sketch into the Korean language. Another favourite of the Supreme Leader is ‘Philosophy Football’! As Michael Palin’s book is considered a fair and impartial travelogue involving North Korea – retailers in the West are reticent to stock it or even advertise it in fear of attracting the wrath of the US and the censure of big business! Michael Palin writes of an interesting time he had meeting a long list of inspiring individuals that the Western media previously reported hsd been ‘executed’ by firing-squad (supposedly for keeping out of favour cats and pigeons in their apartments and unregistered public spaces)! Michael Palin’s parting words to the Supreme Leader were ‘He’s got a wife, you know…!’ 

Michael Palin Wishes the North Korean People Every Success in Their Revolutionary Path!

Interestingly, the Western media has not only continuously ‘lied’ about North Korea – but has also misrepresented Michael Palin’s book! In a Chinese-language interview (referenced above) Palin describes how kind and good-natured the North Korean people are, and how clean, tidy and refreshingly ‘progressive’ everyday life seems to be for the DPRK! He also points-out that many of the misconceptions about North Korea are outrageous and deliberate ‘lies’ concocted by Western governments and the subservient media that serves them! Michael Palin was allowed to travel anywhere he wished (even the 38th Parallel) and to talk to men, women and children as the inclination or opportunity arose. As Michael Palin could not be trusted to issue the necessarily ‘negative’ view of North Korea – his book has not received the usual exposure in the West as would be expected. All are happy, content and yet possess a sense of ‘destiny’ and an objective yet to achieve! He wishes them all well!

Women are ‘Equal’ to Men in the DPRK and ‘Free’!

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