How Has North Korea Remained ‘Free’ of Covid19?

From the very beginning of the Covid19 crisis in November, 2019, North Korea has applied very strict ‘lockdown’ rules and stopped all train travel and rail commerce between the DPRK, China and Russia, etc. As there are no open borders between North Korea and South Korea, there has been no Covid19 pollution spreading from the South to the North. Although the ‘capitalist’ US colony of South Korea is riddled with abject poverty and has suffered terribly from the Covid19 infection – there has been no cases of infection spreading over the 38th Parallel into North Korea. As North Korea only has borders with China and Russia, and given that these two countries have acted swiftly in ‘locking-down’ and restricting travel, commerce and communication along the border areas – has prevented any Covid19 transmission into North Korea.  

North Korea is located in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. It possesses border land adjacent to China, South Korea and Russia. Along these borders, there is no personnel exchanges and there is no special situation along the border between North Korea and South Korea. Therefore, cross-infection of the Covid19 epidemic between North Korea and South Korea itself an impossibility. This is why South Korea’s current epidemic situation is so severe, but North Korea is fully experienced with surviving alone. Covid19 cannot penetrate the North Korean Motherland! In addition, the transportation between North Korea and the international community mainly passes through China and Russia, and the main means of this transportation relies on trains. North Korea’s international trains are only regularly sent to China and Russia. At the beginning of the outbreak in China, North Korea made an early decision to adopt strict prevention and control measures. The passenger train travel between China and North Korea was interrupted. 

Russia is vast but sparsely populated, especially throughout its Far East regions, with the border between North Korea and Russia being only a short stretch of land with not much exchange of people at all. Russia has only experienced 28 cumulative confirmed cases so far – with all are concentrated in the Western region! Therefore, it is impossible for North Korea to import the Covid19 infection from China and Russia. This is the main reason why there is no confirmed cases of the Covid19 throughout North Korea! 

North Korea has long been excluded by the hostile Western countries led by the United States, which directs Japan, South Korea, and Europe. The DPRK economy relies mainly upon the domestic market and trade with China and Russia, and does not participate in economic globalization cooperation. Therefore, North Korea only has personnel, economic or trade exchanges with a very few and select countries. On the other hand, most of the countries and regions where confirmed cases of Covid19 have appeared on a global scale are those with developed economies and capitalistic import and export trade. These countries are all in regions with intensive economic and trade exchanges with people from all over the world. 

It is for these reasons that North Korea has not suffered any known infection from Covid19. A careful implementation of ‘lockdown’ has protected North Korea from importing any diseased individuals, as North Korea does not participate in the international, capitalist system! As North Korea is independent of the capitalist system, its economic stability has been preserved over the last 18 months with little change from normal. The population of the DPRK have been exposed to wide-ranging special education courses so that Covid19 is fully understood in its history, manifestation and treatment. The people of North Korea stand ready to react to any emergency – but as matters stand, all is running smoothly throughout the country! 

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