Starmer’s ‘New Look’ Labour Party Taking the Polls by Storm!

Right-Wing Labour Leader – Keir Starmer – ‘Reaches-Out’ to Black Community!

Keir Starmer has continued his spat with Diane Abbot by stating that the Black and White Minstrels were a realistic portrayal of music hall characters at the turn of the century, (that is the 20th century), and that White people should not have to apologise everyone they are mentioned – or when the BBC screens re-runs of ‘Seaside Special’! He continued that no comparable movement within the broad genre of ‘African’ culture ever affectionately ’embraced’ Europeans in a similar way – that sees Black people ‘Whitening-up’ in the name of progressive education and multicultural understanding!

Eddie Murphy – Proves the Black Community Has ‘Whited-up’ From Time to Time!

The Labour Party clarified its leader’s position by releasing a press statement which reads ‘It’s not the colour of the face that matters – but the face we have to colour!’ Starmer also asked Diane Abbot why her hair is ‘straight’ when the Minstrels’ hair is more authentically ‘curly’? This new look Labour has taken the political establishment by storm with Labour pulling ahead in the polls for the first time since ousting Jeremy Corbyn and abandoning his ridiculous plans for reinstating the NHS!

The ‘Racist’ ’55 Days in Peking’ Sees Flora Flora Robson ‘Yellow-up’ for Her Role as Dowager Empress Tzu-Hsi!

Finally, Starmer announced that more money will be made available (under a Labour Administration) for schools to routinely teach ‘face-painting’ – a move which Starmer believes will add an entirely new dimension to Black History Month! This dovetails with new research which shows that White children wearing ‘Black-face’ for more than five minutes – actually experience an ‘increase’ in the propensity to commit more crime! This is the ‘New Look’ Labour that offers practical solutions to real life problems!

The ‘Jewish’ Leonard Nimoy ‘Browns-up’ and Plays a Muslim (1982)!

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