Maintaining the ‘Right’ to be ‘Chinese’ and Support ‘China’ Whilst Living in the West!

China’s Socialist Revolution Will Transform the World!

Chinese people living outside of China possess the Human Right to a) consider themselves ‘ethnically’ Chinese, and b) remain ‘loyal’ to Mainland China whilst ‘relating’ to issues concerning Chinese people and how China is portrayed in the West. Removing this Human Right expresses the epitome of Eurocentric racism in its drive to make non-White people conform to the strictures of cultural genocide and ethnic eradication this hateful ideology advocates. In other words, the attitude is that a non-White person is only accepted in the West if they relate to (and fully accept) the Eurocentric racism routinely aimed at their ethnicity without question or complaint.  

China’s Ancient Culture is One of the Oldest in the World!

If this White, racist view of the world is internalised by diasporic Chinese people and turned outward toward China (and the ethnic Chinese from that country) then they actively join the ranks of the White racists and assist its ongoing denigration of China. In other words, the voluntary adoption (by non-White people) of White racist viewpoints earns them a temporary ‘reprieve’ from the worst excesses of White racism providing they keep-up the racial belittling of people with whom they share a racial, ethnic and cultural background! White society demands that to gain a type of limited acceptance – a voluntary attitude of ‘self-hating’ is required by the targeted ethnic group.  

Many ‘Foreigners’ Love and Support China!

Although the targeted group is encouraged to ‘betray’ their own kind – racism is still aimed at them in virtually every avenue of life. This is probably one of the ‘evillest’ aspects of Eurocentric racism, which is something akin to the Nazi German policy of allowing some people marked for extermination to live a ‘little longer’ if they assist the fascist authorities in the process of eradicating people of an identical ethnic background. Chinese people living in the West today have a right to stand up to (and resist) White racism wherever it manifests – and to support Mainland China if they so choose! After all, White people think nothing of proclaiming their loyalty to traditional White countries (even those they have no direct connection with) and generally have no respect for anyone else’s culture, history, politics and ethnicity! 

Uyghur People Are Good Citizens of China!

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