Black on Yellow Crime? – Beware the White Media Bearing Gifts!

Racism is ‘Illegal’ Within Socialist China – and Chinese Children are ‘Internationalist!’

The White (bourgeois) establishment was rattled by the widespread protests about the police murder of George Floyd in the US. Normally, such misuse of power (and brutality) used against non-White people is routine and only sparks limited protests from the ethnic group(s) directly affected – but in this incidence – the protests against what is generally perceived as ‘racist’ police officers yet again ‘murdering’ an innocent non-White person – ‘mainstreamed’ and spread into a vast movement of White discontent! From the bourgeois perspective, this was undoubtedly an alarming development, as it indicated that a right-wing, racist approach to controlling America was being both ‘questioned’ and ‘rejected’ by vast number of White American people – acting in conjunction with oppressed ethnic groups! What should have happened in the ideal White world – is that a Grand Jury should have ‘refused’ to bring murder charges against the White officer(s) concerned (as this happens all the time in cases of crystal-clear police involved murder) – and he would have been promoted to show the public who is in control! The fact that in no time at all – all the officers were wearing prison uniforms and languishing in cells just goes to show how serious the (White) bourgeois community took the protests as a threat to its power!  

Chinese People – Like Africans – Have Travelled All-Over the World!

We must be eternally vigilant with regards to the White-controlled media and understand how it uses skewed reporting to assist the bourgeoisie maintain its hegemony over Western society. At the moment, the mainstream media is very much participating in a campaign that likes to present the Black community as being in conflict with what Americans term the ‘Asian community’, but which in reality is referring primarily to the ‘Chinese’. Much of this racist interpretation arises from right-wing ‘shock’ websites (like ‘Crazyshit’ and ‘TheYNC’, etc), which routinely feature fake news, murder, rape and graphic accidents as a form of ‘entertainment’. Usually, CCTV videos, or footage from doorbells and other mobile devices is uploaded on the Internet featuring what is presented as African-American people inflicting various forms of violence against Chinese (or ‘Koreans’ mistaken for ‘Chinese’) people. The question we have to ask ourselves is ‘why’ would the White media invest its time and energy into reporting this type of apparent internecine violence between ethnic groups that are the collective historical victims of White racism?  

Chinese Culture – Since 1949 – Has Become ‘International’!

Given that most (if not all) of the video footage is genuine, and that the Covid19 Pandemic has led to an intensification of expressed White racism toward the Chinese community – why is the White media singling-out the Black community for special emphasis? I suspect intercommunal friction between the Black and Chinese communities is no greater now than it was before the Covid19 outbreak. Even if there has been an intensification, it is surely no different to that racism expressed by the far more politically powerful White community. I suspect the White community is attempting a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy in an attempt to water-down White sympathy for the Black victims of White racism. The White community couldn’t care less about the Chinese community – that is clear – but it is using the Chinese to distract our attention away from the main issue – which is the ongoing danger that White racism poses for us all! Black and Chinese people must remain ‘united’ on the face of White racist aggression! Both communities must remain disciplined and clear minded! We must not let the racists divide us through petty squabbles! Together, we are stronger! 

African Soldiers Are Often ‘Seconded’ With the Chinese People’s Liberation Army!

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