USSR: The US ‘UFO’ Phenomenon – A Bourgeois Deception?

Legitimate Soviet Space Technology (1972)

Throughout most of the 74-year-history of the Soviet Union (USSR) – there was no such thing as ‘UFOs’ – or ‘aliens’ visiting the Earth! The point that quite often well-meaning people living in capitalist societies have to understand is that the phenomenon of associated with UFOs is purely mythical in the most part, and associated with similar belief systems that a) fabricate and b) perpetuate the thinking of theistic religions as if they were c) factually true. Marx defined the bourgeois mind-set as inherently ‘inverted’ and that at its foundation its continuously misinterprets reality by confusing groundless (speculative) thoughts that exist only in the head – with assumed concrete realities ‘somewhere out there’! The Soviet school system rejected this bourgeois interpretation of reality and taught young children from the perspective of non-inverted material ‘science’ so that they could clearly (and easily) determine ‘reality’ from ‘fantasy’. As UFOs are post-industrial attempts by capitalist societies to come to terms with technological development – UFOs (that are round like a ‘halo’ and possess ‘mysterious’ powers like Christ) are attempts by the ‘inverted’ mind-set that underlies capitalist ideology – to reinvent the parameters of an ancient Judeo-Christian religion that has been rendered obsolete and redundant by humanity moving into the stage of modernist development. This myth continues to hold-on to the minds of humanity because Western religions unquestionably support the exploitation of the masses through the auspices of capitalist ideology.  

Bourgeois UFOs Travels Vast Distances Across Space – But ‘Cannot’ Land Properly!

In 1978, a Soviet State programme for studying the UFO phenomenon began in the USSR. There were two broad reasons for this. The first was purely ‘psychological’ and strove to study the US mind-set that revelled in this mythic phenomenon, whilst the second reason was ‘scientific’ and designed to ascertain whether there was any merit to some of these sightings being comprised of concrete material objects constructed from unusual or advanced technology. The evidence gathered from this thirteen-year Soviet research programme was designed to generate an objective scientific assessment of the UFO phenomenon ‘free’ of bourgeois, religious tendencies and wishful thinking. Such knowledge would be useful for combatting any potential US military threats to the USSR, and underhand espionage initiatives. What dangers to the population of the USSR did the US belief in UFOs pose? About three-thousand UFO Reports were gathered from this Research Programme between 1978-1991 with the vast majority of sightings (90%) being explainable by flights of high-altitude balloons, aeroplanes and missile launches. However, perhaps of more interest to the research into UFOs is what these findings ‘DID NOT’ include: 

1) Not a single UFO landing report. 

2) Not a single message about direct contacts with “UFO pilots”. 

3) Not a single report involving UFO abductions. 

The ‘Ancient Astronaut’ Speculation

Although certain data and materials about UFOs first appeared in the official Soviet press in 1977-1978, it was only since the days of “Glasnost” that such information was widely published in the USSR. Prior to this, as the Soviet population was not ‘brain-washed’ to perceive mythic religions as ‘real’ – none of the usual phenomenon common in the West was present in this Soviet-collected data. This suggests that religions and UFOs share the same common mythological basis and the human mind does not ‘imagine’ such phenomenon unless conditioned to do so by others pursuing the hidden agendas of power politics. In other words, outside of Socialist societies, religions and UFOs only appear to exist if individuals are conditioned through culture and education to ‘believe’ that they do. The Soviet State, however, collected the material data to prove this to be the case. As the US might be attempting a ‘brain-washing’ infiltration event of the USSR through the development of terrestrial warplanes and missiles designed to look ‘exotic’ or ‘other-worldly’ – data had to be collected of unusual visual stimulus occurring in the environment as a safeguard against such infiltration attempts. When the USSR collapsed in late 1991, the inverted bourgeois ignorance (banished in 1917) was allowed to sweep back into the country causing untold pain and suffering to the Russian people! Compared to the ‘imagined’ realities of religions and UFOs – this political, cultural and economic impoverishment is very ‘real’.  

Planned – But Abandoned – Soviet Landing on the Moon (late 1960s)

Russian Language Sources: 

Платов Ю. В., Соколов Б. А. «Изучение неопознанных летающих объектов в СССР» // Вестник Российской академии наук, 2000. Том 70. № 6. — С. 507—515. 

Рассекречена архивная съёмка пилота китайских ВВС: на ВИДЕО заснят НЛО (9 декабря 2008). Дата обращения: 12 февраля 2013. 

Don’t Panic – It’s Been Proven – UFOs Can’t Land!

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