Crashed Soviet UFO – 1969 – Investigation File CSU-69 (2021)

Supposed ‘KGB’ UFO Footage (1969)

Author’s Note: I recently participated in a Committee organised by the Communist Party of Russia to investigate the above footage and write a Report (in the Russian language) regarding my findings. I am including the essential points of my research (translated into the English language) below.

The Uniforms and Clothing Appear to have Been in ‘Storage’ for Sometime

As the KGB was dissolved in 1991, this famed Revolutionary Police suddenly became a collector’s paradise! Appropriate uniforms, insignia, disciplined behaviour, weaponry and plenty of young volunteers needing any type of work to put food on the table, all were available in quantities and quality that would diminish the further the USSR faded into a distant memory! The further time moved-on, the more different and distinct modern Russian society became from that of the USSR. Older people passed away (taking their memories with them), and the later generations would not possess the ‘specialised’ knowledge required to ‘fake’ such a video. As original Soviet memorabilia disappeared into hands of private collectors – the ‘new’ imitations of Soviet-era uniforms, insignia and weaponry, etc, were not always accurate or well-made – whereas those in this video are obviously genuine. There is a very popular series about WWII made in the UK by the BBC entitled ‘Dad’s Army’ which was first made in the late 1960s. Although set in 1939 onwards – it was made just thirty years later and starring men who had lived through the war. The uniforms, insignia and weaponry (as well as the storylines) are so convincing it is as if the audience is watching a live show filmed during WWII! Of course, they are not as it is merely a very convincing ‘reconstruction’ of what once happened. The difference with this supposed KGB footage is that although the KGB (and its Special Troops) undoubtedly existed, I do not believe the situation depicted ever happened in reality.  

The Disc has the ‘Texture’ of a Cast Iron Manhole Cover!

Why portray the video as happening in 1969? I suspect this was thought to have significance for the historical thought processes of Americans and the history of the United States. The year 1969 was the time that the US successfully landed Astronauts on the Moon. Both prior to this date and afterwards – it was the USSR that was making all the technological headway in the Space Race. Indeed, the Americans achieved very little of significance or originally other than landing Apollo 11 safely on the lunar surface. All their other achievements were merely the product of attempting to keep-up with Soviet scientific breakthrough and technological innovation. The implication is that although the USA landed on the Moon in 1969 – extra-terrestrial beings managed to ‘land’ (or rather ‘crash’) on Soviet territory during the same year! Perhaps this connection was thought to be of greater financial exploitability at the time of the video’s production.  

No Surrounding Tree Damage

The ‘set’ required an outside (an isolated) location which could be anywhere in the snowy-wastes of Russia’s vast territories. This filming location had to be far-away from prying eyes in the mid-1990s. Newspapers or individuals discovering and exposing the confidence trick would have spelt financial disaster for the fabricators. It seems that three era-exact vehicles were acquired, together with around twenty extras. As no one has broken ranks and offered information for cash – it would seem that all the actors concerned were well-paid and signed a ‘no disclosure’ clause. All the young men had probably passed through National Service in the Soviet Red Army or served in the NKVD (KGB) Special Troops. Whatever the case, their drill is passable but hammed-up to a certain extent. Whilst on active deployment, NKVD (KGB) Special Troops were so highly trained and ideologically dependable that drill-hall formation was not usually used outside of formal marches and celebrations. Furthermore, the ‘faces’ of serving NKVD (KGB) Special Troops would never be shown for security issues. The uniforms and insignia seem ‘too good’ for my liking and lack of the usual discrepancies that all genuine soldier’s uniforms accrue is suspicious. I am further perplexed by the guards having their trigger-fingers engaged on the trigger of their fire-arm. These men are supposed to be the ‘elite’ of Soviet soldiers and their mere presence in the area usually inspired apprehension! There is no reason to engage the trigger in this way as there was no obvious danger in the vicinity.  

I Suspect a ‘Half-Disc’ Buried in the Ground and Propped-up by a Tree

As to the object concerned – usually referred to as a ‘UFO’ – my view is that it looks suspiciously like an oversized manhole cover routinely seen on sewer entrances throughout the world. It appears to be an object of cast iron produced in a single giant mould. Even the texture of its surface reminds me of municipal coverings! If it was an interstellar vehicle – the occupants would have to very small indeed! Although no damage is evident on the surrounding trees, half of the disc seems to being buried in the cold and hard ground. How could this have happened? If this object had come in through the trees it would have caused substantial damage – particularly if it possessed the speed and structural stability to ‘cut’ into the solid earth and retain its shape! I suspect that there is no ‘other half’ beneath the surface and the half-disc has been ‘posed’ this way to create the false impression of a full disc embedded in the frozen ground. The Cheka, NKVD and KGB existed not to collect stupid imaginations of the (inverted) bourgeois mind-set – but to protect the Soviet Revolution (and Soviet people) from counter-Revolution and the hellish existence that capitalism entails!  

The Bourgeois Imagination Knows No Bounds!

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