Post-Trump USA: Rochester Police Issue ‘Bizarre’ Statement! (2.2.2021)

Anger after US police handcuff and pepper-spray 9-year-old girl in Rochester, NY 

Rochester Police are defending their actions regarding the forced handcuffing, detention and pepper-spraying of a nine-year-old (girl whose family were seeking help with a mental health incident) – by claiming that the ‘Suspect’ was a well-known delinquent from the local area suffering from ‘dwarfism’ – who is the approximate size (and build) of an average well-fed nine-year-old child!

Rochester Police ‘Seeking’ Eye-Witnesses that ‘Confirm’ Their Version of Events!

Officer Strider Eugene Wagner stated that his Officers acted quickly and efficiently considering the situation as it unfolded. The ‘Suspect’ continuously crying for her father was interpreted by the Officers as a ‘ruse’ used by the apparent ‘little person’ in an attempt to throw law enforcement off the scent!

America Has a Long History of Misrepresenting ‘Shorter’ People!

This has been denied by the family of the unnamed girl concerned – who claim that the Police Department was made fully aware of the details prior to responding to the alleged request for a ‘welfare check’ – a procedure that has proven deadly in recent years to the African-American community.

Police Artist Impression of ‘Telula Rocherfella Sturdy’

Reporters attempted to track down the ‘little person’ implicated but were informed by locals that ‘Telula Rocherfella Sturdy’ was out of State attending a conference for people with big ideas. The case continues. 

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