Continued Guardian ‘False’ Reporting and the anti-China Racism of the West! (12.1.2021)

Latest Anti-China Racism From the Guardian Newspaper!

‘Our best friend is China. China wants Israel erased from the map because, as long as Israel exists, there will remain an aggressive imperialist outpost on Arab soil.’ 

George Habash – Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)* 

China: Uyghur People ‘Pray’ that Western Racism Against China Stops!

On the genuine Marxist-Leninist (Maoism) left of the political spectrum, China is a well-known supporter of Islam and oppressed minorities throughout the world. The British Guardian newspaper used to be a moderate centre-left print-media but is today a very good example of a Trotskyite centre-right propaganda tool that attempts to broadcast the strictures of Eurocentric racism packaged as ‘concern’ for ethnic minorities. Of course, no one with a modicum of common-sense would fall for this deficient strategy – but not everyone who picks-up a daily newspaper is armed with the requisite knowledge needed to dispute, expose or dismiss the type of anti-China racist rhetoric the Guardian puts-out on a regular basis. The Guardian’s style is one of blatant story-telling (the above article, we are led to believe, is a result of an unverified ‘telephone conversation’), which seek to depict China as Nazi Germany and the Chinese people as racially inferior!  

There is Mutual ‘Love’ Between Han & Uyghur in China!

It is a heady mix of Western racism and Cold War angst designed to ‘inoculate’ the Western working-class against forming any bonds of mutual respect for the Chinese working-class and the Chinese Socialist System! Indeed, this blog exists to ‘expose’ and ‘shame’ those Western outlets that are administered by individuals who think their racism will continue to move freely and be unopposed. Making an online record of this racism is an important facet of this ‘anti-racism’ – with China more than able to hold its own ground and stand-up for itself within the international community. It is hoped that one-day – people likes of those who run the Guardian newspaper will be prosecuted in a ‘Nuremberg-type’ Crimes Against Humanity Trial which will see these ongoing ‘racist’ crimes detailed in a Court of China’s peers – and the perpetuators ‘punished’ for the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritually damage such an ongoing campaign of racist-abuse inflicts upon the world! Chinese people living Overseas must pull-together and be careful in this climate on media-led racial attack!  

The ‘Guardian Newspaper Must Stop Its Campaign of Racism Against China!

When China was a backward, feudalistic State – the West did not care about its geography – they just wanted to invade and control China’s territory. This attitude continued when the pro-Western Nationalists were in power. Places such as the Chinese regions of Tibet and Xinjiang only became issues when a successful Communist Revolution took place in 1949 – then, all of a sudden – Chinese geography became an important issue for the Western, imperialist powers! Breaking-up and destroying Chinese Socialism is the order of the day for the bourgeois (capitalist) West which is now becoming ever more fascistic and concerned by its own lack of technological and scientific progress. The best self-defence against the racist disinformation perpetuated by the Guardian is attaining a genuine ‘education’ about the true conditions in China. Socialist China has nothing to apologise about. Western racism and imperialism were thrown-out of China and the racists are still smarting from this defeat! 

Mao Zedong ‘Loves’ the Uyghur People!

English Language Reference: 

David Gilmour: Dispossessed – The Ordeal of the Palestinians, Sphere, (1980), Page 215* 

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