How the Far-Right Blames the ‘Left’ for its Historical and Existential Violence and Stupidity! (2021)

Communist Red Army Destroys Hitlerism!

Since 1945, the United States (and her allies) have deliberately pursued a ‘Cold War’ policy of deliberately conflating the fascist and the far-right cause with that of the Communist cause to the extent that most people can no longer distinguish the difference between the two very different paths of socio-economic Revolution, and trajectory of society! This capitalist reaction to the threat of Marxist-Leninist success and working-class self-assertion has served to justify the far-right and absorb all other (unrelated and contradictory) ideologies into its general remit. What this anti-Socialist strategy achieves in reality is an empowerment of the far-right through the bourgeois, liberal establishment. This is exactly the same establishment that allowed an open ‘fascist’ like Donald Trump to stand in a liberal, democratic election – and win! 

The Soviet Red Army Smashes Fascism!

When the mainstream media presents fascist ideology as ‘free speech’ or ‘freedom of thought’, and equates such hate filled utterances with ‘liberal democracy’, then the ‘mainstream’ has accommodated the ideology of fascism and ‘normalised’ its expression in a manner that would be associated with the rhetoric of Hitler and Mussolini in the 1930s! A hate filled rhetoric that led to the destructive conflict of WWII and the death of millions of innocent men, women and children throughout the world! A ‘White’ racist today quite often wears a suit and tie and stands for public office throughout Europe. This fits-in well with the current policy of the US, UK and EU which supports and encourages neo-Nazi movements to seize power within numerous States throughout Eastern Europe and the former Communist Bloc – simply on the grounds that neo-Nazism views Russia (as the former-USSR) as the enemy of Hitlerism! Modern Russia – although ‘capitalist’ today – refuses to allow the international banking system to enter the country and remotely dominate the Kremlin from Washington, Berlin and Tel Aviv! The Communist Party is strong in Russia, and the Russian State still maintains a strict opposition to world fascism.  

Defend the Community From the Threat of Fascism!

Since Barack Obama, the US government has continually voted ‘against’ a Russian-proposed UN Resolution which would condemn the ‘glorification of neo-Nazism’. The US is routinely joined by the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Ukraine, as well as Canada and one or two other countries. The EU often enacts an undemocratic ‘block vote’ that collectively ‘abstains’ – which has been the position of the UK – a country respected for singlehandedly standing-up to Adolf Hitler during WWII! Most people in the UK are ‘unaware’ that such votes are due or being enacted – this is how right-leaning governments manipulate their own populace into passively (or ‘unknowingly’) supporting fascism! This is not the position in the US which has had a problem with Eurocentric racism from its founding as an independent country.  

Every Man and Woman Must Fight Fascism!

The internet has allowed this racism to be strengthened through numerous ‘shock’ video sites which pander to the ignorant prejudices of poorly educated White males who exist within mindsets of barbarism, hate, racism, misogyny and cruelty (to animals and humans). Young White males join these sites and are ‘groomed’ and ‘indoctrinated’ by the older members and the administration which uploads photographs and videos of graphic and sickening accidents, natural disasters, suicides, murders, torture, sexual perversion, racism, animal cruelty and hatred toward girls and women. Sites such as ‘Crazyshit’, ‘theYNC’ and the now defunct ‘Best Gore’ have been under investigation for years for far-right activities. Anyone can access the sickening content and the endless comments of mindless race-hate, conspiracy theory and threatened violence. As the US government allows these sites to a) exist, and b) continue to spread disinformation, fake news and conspiracy theory – it is assumed that the US government is involved in their everyday running – perhaps even providing obscure videos of carnage and violence from around the world with China and virtually every other ‘non-White’ country being continuously misrepresented.  

A True Man Fights Fascism and Protects the Innocent!

The current conspiracy theory now circulating through far-right and ‘shock’ sites is that the swastikas, Confederate flags, Ukrainian flags and racist placards were carried not by the far-right (neo-Nazi) groups that admitted being ‘proud’ of storming the Congress building – but where actually carried by members of the far-left ‘pretending’ to be the far-right and carrying-out the acts of violence they are renowned for! This is exactly the same psychotic ‘denial’ the far-right has resorted to in the past when confronted with the horrendous film footage of the piles of dead bodies lying in Nazi German Death Camps! Although Hitler killed at least 11 million in the Death Camps and another 34 million in the USSR – the stupidity of the far-right glibly states that ‘it was the Soviets who did it!’ This anti-intellectualism persists even though thousands upon thousands of former Nazi Germans fully ‘admitted’ to carrying-out this policy for the Hitlerite regime! Thousands of White Americans enthralled and motivated by the far-right ideology of Nazi Germany – have been allowed to be this stupid by the very US government structures they are attacking! Of course, their collective idiocy does not allow them to see any of these ironies or truths.  

The Spirit of the Red Army is Always With You!

The problem is that the US system is quite naturally centre-right, with Trump being right of centre. His supporters relate to his brand of racism, sexism, stupidity and anti-intellectualism, and were motivated to carry-out Hitler’s intentions in the 1940s – whilst confronting police and security guards who ‘support’ the US far-right – and were reluctant to ‘open fire’ in a manner that would have been considered ‘normal’ if the protestors were non-White, belonged to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and were protesting about US institutional racism! This far-right White mob made it into the Congress building because White police officers and guards ‘stood aside’ and allowed them in! If it had been BLM on the march – the bodies would have been piled so high that the doors would have been naturally blocked with the glorious fallen! No officers would have been prosecuted and the media would have started their usual demonization of every dead ‘non-White’ person. As matters stand, the US media is currently eulogising a horrible White woman who was killed breaking the law in America – as if she is a hero and an example our children should follow! The far-right must be confronted and crushed by the progressive forces of Scientific Socialism! A new Red Army must be formed to fight this terror! Do not let the fascists win! 

Give ’em the Cold Steel!

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