Emails: Hitler’s Pagan Spirituality Vs Soviet Marxist-Leninist Mental Strength! (4.1.2021)

Hitler’s Contraictions ‘Made Sense’ To Him…

Dear Gillian (from Adrian) 

Hitler maintained a love – hate relationship with Christianity. On the one-hand, he perceived himself as a new messiah, whilst on the other he saw himself as ‘the ending of the old and the beginning of the new!’ He was going to borrow from Christianity whilst at the same time eradicating it from the planet by destroying its Jewish roots and foundations. To achieve this, the Jewish race (and everything Hitler believed was derived from Jewish influence – such as international finance and Bolshevism) had to be eradicated. This was because Judaism was the root cause of all suffering in the world – according to Hitler. Christianity would wither on the vine once its root had been thoroughly dug-up and disposed of. For Hitler, race was the defining factor of existence. According to this ideology, ‘race’ is the container of ‘spirit’ – with each race existing in a hierarchy defined by how efficient and powerful a universal, spiritual power (vril) ‘flows’ through the physical tissue of each racial grouping. The advanced White race is ‘advanced’ due to its purity of universal, power transference. There is a maximum ‘flow’ of vril which manifests through the mind as sublime thought – and through the body as decisive (and ‘miraculous’) action that revolutionises the outer world. Inferior races are ‘inferior’ because the universal energy is ‘hindered’ and ‘retarded’ in its flow due to a physical structure that is too ‘dense’ and ‘deficient’. This insufficient flow prevents sublime thinking and prevents any form of decisive action in the physical world. As vril is spread throughout all the races on earth regardless of their purity and worth – Hitler believed that by ‘removing’ the inferior races from existence – the White race would receive an increased amount of vril which was only ‘wasted’ when it had to flow through inferior physical structures. Although Himmler even spoke of paedophiles and freemasonry in the Catholic Church even then – it is remarkable that the Vatican still took the decision to support fascism. As matters stood, certain aspects of Christianity were to be mimicked, whilst the underlying Jewish influence was to be destroyed as a threat to Hitler’s hegemony. This model explains why Hitler took the decisions he did. His soldiers failed not because he made the wrong choices – but because they were not pure enough for the vril to flow in an appropriate manner! By sacrificing these soldiers by not allowing them to withdraw or escape from encirclements – Hitler believed that their deaths served to further purify the ‘volk’ over-all! As a consequence, the next batch of Nazi soldiers would be purer and more effective in combat! Hitler believed that by committing suicide – his racial perfection would propel him into the universal hearts and minds of the masses and grant him immortality! Quite often the religious dimension of his thinking is all but ignored and his decisions presented as mad. 

Hitler Understood How the ‘Dramatic’ Manipulated His Audiences!

Dear Adrian (from Gillian) 

Ultimately then Hitler’s thinking was pagan. 

An interesting history is that of the Protestant Churches in Germany at that time, they tried and tried to become the spiritual wing of the Nazi Party and time and time again they were ignored.  If the Fascists had wanted an Established Church, then there was one waiting for validation.  The Catholic Church did not decide outright to support the Fascists, you can’t read Pius XI apostolic letter ”With burning sorrow” and believe for a moment that they supported the Nazis.  One brave bishop Von Galen stood up to Hitler’s policies.  The problem was the CC’s determination to fight Communism, it went soft on Fascism under Pius XII.  Don’t forget that it was and still is in the pocket of the Rothschilds, ultimately, they decide the policy and one which upsets the globalist hegemony will not be tolerated.  It is all about ”economics”. Get rid of the Vatican Bank and you may get back to the Church it is supposed to be.  Before the Rothschilds, it was the oligarchs of Venice in the Early Modern era and Renaissance … the CC has always had a problem with Capitalists since even before the dawn of Capitalism. 

Fascist paganism is having a revival at the moment with Greta Thurnburg, David Attenburgh, Prince Charles and the like and their earth worship and desire to subjugate the masses for the sake of the earth. Now it is not so much racial superiority but human inferiority and being ashamed of your existence as a human where only the elite know what is best, best based on ”science”: population control to bring about a more intelligent, superior, earth loving human. 

Typical Protestant Church – Nazi Germany

Dear Gillian (from Adrian) 

Hitler had plans to eradicate the Christian Church after he had finished the successful invasion of the USSR and thereby proven his vril theory doubly correct (following his previous walkover in France). He felt this was necessary to prove to Christians that the Church was corrupt and not worthy of their support. He didn’t want to move too soon on this issue as Christianity was a cohesive force throughout Nazi Germany. Hitler wasn’t opposed to the notion of religion per se – but only religions that did not place him at their centre. Yes – ‘pagan’ is exactly how other academics describe what Hitler was about. On one level all his decisions and actions appear disjointed and quite mad – but when the missing piece of the jigsaw is added – it all makes sense. It is all understandable because it is motivated by a definite guiding logic! He saw the USSR as being purely materialist and lacking any substantial vril circulation. This deficient vril circulation should have entailed easy victories when the Vril-laden Nazi Forces clashed with the Red Army – and that is exactly what ‘appeared’ to happened in the opening month – with over 700,000 Red Army casualties – killed, wounded and captured! It looked like Hitler couldn’t lose – but things were not as they seemed. German casualties were played down but were substantial as were the losses in tanks and other vital machinery. Germany could not easily replace these losses – whereas the Soviets could continue to lose hundreds of thousands every month and still continue to churn out well armed and trained Divisions, as well as improved (but simple) tank designs. This policy of material replication eventually destroyed Hitler’s religious view of the world. Material planning trumped a material planning premised upon a type of theology. Stalin prevailed on the material plane, but Hitler – by taking his own life – believed he had prevailed on the spiritual plane. In other words, Scientific Socialism beat vril. 

Hitler: ‘I Will Not Tolerate ‘Gayness’ Anywhere in the Third Reicht!’

Dear Adrian (from Gillian) 

Stalin won on the spiritual plane too! He couldn’t have motivated his men in the face of such astoundingly tragic losses as effectively without co-opting the Orthodox church (the Christian myth is largely about victory against the odds). Either way you look at it, Hitler’s demise was caused by the Red Army and was driven by sheer passion for truth against fakery. 

Stalin Vs Hitler – An Ideological Fight to the Finish!

Dear Gillian (from Adrian) 

My family have often attended the May 9th VE Day Commemoration at the (London) Soviet War Memorial (situated in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum). Similar events occur in November and January (Holocaust Memorial). Interestingly, despite thousands of government representatives, private attendees and Veterans from all over the world making the trip at various time – Israel has never sent any wreaths of flowers, messages of thanks or official representative. Despite the British government and the British Army, RAF and Navy being present – no major media outlet in the UK ever covers the event. As my family are Communist, and given that the PRC regularly sends representatives, PLA Veterans and surviving relatives and descendants – it is the only place we take our two children to learn about the class-nature of warfare. Although the number of British Veterans who fought for the Soviet Union in one capacity or another noticeably decreases each year – this is also true of the Soviet Red Army Veterans who make the long journey from Russia to the UK to regularly attend. A few years ago, me, Gee, Mei-An and Kai-Lin were sat at a table in a packed dining room at the Imperial War Museum – which was at full capacity trying to feed all the usual visitors to the museum plus the extra influx of Soviet War Memorial enthusiasts. Sat to our right were four young (middle-class) British women (of varying ethnicity) – probably in their late teens – unnecessarily spread-out and occupying eight seats. An elderly Red Army Veteran (and his wife) approached with their trays of meagre snacks and asked if they could sit with these four women – who collectively burst-out laughing and shouting ‘NO!’ – as they needed the extra space to place their bags, coats and hats, etc. Of course, we were so ashamed of this behaviour by a multicultural group of British teens that we doubled-up and shared our single table. This man had given a speech earlier as the ‘last Russian survivor’ of Stalingrad alive in the world today – explaining that the Soviet Red Army troops thoroughly believed in Marxist-Leninism and ‘Internationalism’ over the racism of fascism – which is ‘capitalism in decline!  

Das Bunker: The End of Hitler – Or Was It?

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