No More ‘Clapping’ for NHS as Tories Push on with Privatisation!

Although the UK is ‘out’ of the UK – the Tory government continues applying EU regulations to the welfare system and NHS – in preparation for a future Tory (or LibDem) Administration to initiate Britain’s re-joining when the Brexit mania dies-down and no one can recall why it was that the UK voted to ‘leave’ in the first place! The EU – as a US-controlled anti-Socialist initiative in Europe- demands the privatisation of all Socialised and Socialist institutions and establishment so that US-style free market economics reign and working-class people have to take-out private medical and unemployment insurance, etc.  One of the reasons the NHS has had problems coping with this unforeseen pandemic is because since 1979 – Tory, LibDems and New Labour governments have persistently pursued a privatisation policy that has seen the ambulance service cut back to the bone and literally hundreds of hospitals and GP surgeries closed, social services abolished and staff made redundant, etc. Despite being amply funded through collective taxation – Tory, LibDems and New Labour governments have ‘manufactured’ a funding crisis in the NHS by continuously ‘cutting-back’ available finance and generating an unnecessary funding crisis.  

During the Covid19 Crisis (and the first ‘Lockdown’ in 2020) the Tory government did not adequately protect NHS staff and as a consequence, over a thousand died at their posts serving and protecting the general public. How did Boris Johnson reward the brave NHS staff? By marshalling Tory support in the House of Commons to vote ‘against’ any substantial or meaningful pay-rise! When the vote was announced ‘preventing’ a pay-rise for all NHS staff – the Tory MPs all laughed and clapped in an orgy of appreciation and self-righteous satisfaction!  The Tories do not believe in a health service delivered ‘free’ at the point of use because the Tory view is that people should only receive the medical care they can afford to pay for ‘through the nose’. The Covid19 Crisis is merely an inconvenient stage in the continued Tory policy of privatising the NHS. The Tories do not really care for the general public in Britain – other than converting them to a US-style predatory capitalist economy where only the rich survive and the brutal prevail.  

As the British death toll now stands at over 70,000 – a very vocal minority in the UK have developed an anti-lockdown ‘cult’ mentality lead by the likes of David Ike and Piers Corbyn (the brother of ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn). This new ‘mob’ orientated protest movement pursues a rigid anti-intellectual narrative which choices to interpret the Covid19 Crisis as being a ‘fake’ pandemic designed to facilitate the further ‘taking away’ of civil rights by a shady super-government which controls everything from behind the scenes! The utter stupidity of this movement describes 5G as a system of radio-waves that ‘spreads’ Covid19 to the population through the electronic communication devices used! Wearing disease-resisting masks is rejected as removing the right of human-beings ‘being seen’!  The NHS has been reduced over the decades to a mere emergency service – where every pen, pill and bed-pan has to be used on multiple wards – and the staff have to work in third world conditions! Now, as the British nation needs a fully functioning NHS to protect the nation – the Tories are continuing sell-off its services, shut-down hospitals and remove medical services! The apparent ‘failure’ of the NHS to adequately deal with the Covid19 Crisis will be used by the Tories as an excuse to push the privatisation agenda at a greater speed.  

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