The Disintegration of Life in the UK (2010-2019)

Since the founding of the British National Health System (NHS) in 1948, the lives of millions of people have been saved or enhanced (augmented by a comprehensive Welfare State and ‘free’ Education System). Of course, since Churchill’s election in 1950, the exact opposite can be said to be the case, with the application of continuous arbitrary ‘cuts’ in treatments, services and payments, etc. This is an anti-Socialist (and anti-working class) trend that has unfolded ever since, being continued by Tory, LibDem and ‘New’ Labour governments, with even run of the mill Labour governments joining-in (although the latter to a lesser extent). New Labour (from 1997-2010) terrorised the disabled and poor (with arbitrary cuts and suspensions in Benefits), and paved the way for NHS privatisation in 2006. In 2009, a New Labour Minister instructed the Audit Commission that ‘New’ Labour intended to scrap the NHS and Welfare State during a 15 year period – introducing a US-style private-healthcare system. Since the election of the Tories and LibDems in 2010 – it has been calculated that between 120,000 – 130,000 vulnerable people have died due to the NHS and Benefits cuts associated with ‘Austerity’. Although being found effectively Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for these deaths by the UN in 2016, the dying and the suffering continues in the UK. Lives are unravelling as grinding poverty reduces the masses to intense desperation and a fight for survival. As the Tories and LibDems closed all the charities and establishments that would have fought this government tyranny prior to 2012, and ensured those that were left (the big charities) were paid-off and fully onboard with these destructive changes (assisting disabled people to transition from a life on Benefits due to systemic discrimination, to an idyllic life working in disabled-friendly jobs that simply do not ‘exist’). Since Thatcher’s successful offensive against the Unions there is no genuine Solidarity in the UK. People in distress suffer quietly upon their own. This is compounded by the more Trotskyite Unions trumpeting the headlines of the (racist) Sun newspaper that ‘Austerity is good for the working class!’ In the wake of all this carnage there is the fate of the poor animals who once had loving owners, but end-up starving and alone as their now incapacitated or deceased owners are deprived of their liberty and life by an uncaring and fascistic British State. All this stems from the Anti-Socialist European Union (EU), which itself derives from the United States in Europe post-1945, and its virulently ‘anti-Soviet’ policies. Yes – we are allowed to die in Europe through State neglect because of the ignorance existent in the minds of a few rich and powerful Americans… 

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