Jimmy Lynch: Racist NHS Former Fleet Stores and Data Manager at North West Ambulance Service (NWAS)


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Our article regarding the ‘Save the NHS March’ protest we participated in, particularly the link shared on the Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK) Facebook page has attracted a tremendous amount of Britain First activity involving the making of mindless and racist comments in support of the Tory policy of ‘privatising’ the NHS. The BMA (UK) has a policy of ‘deleting’ these fascistic outpourings, but has decided to retain one comment as an example of the rightwing phenomenon concerned. Today, at around 10:43hrs, the Facebook user named ‘Jimmy Lynch‘ made the following racist post:

Jimmy Lynch Send all illegal immigrants and their so called dependants back to were they come from, then the UK NHS would be OK.Like

 · 3 Replies · about an hour ago
His Facebook page describes his details as:

As he has no problem ‘sharing’ os racist viewpoints about y family and children, I am sure he does not mind those viewpoints being shared further – with details about the author. Furthermore, Jimmy has a racist petition against Labour’s Diane Abbott. Finally, I am advised that ‘Lynch’ is an Irish name and that ‘Jimmy’ is in all likelihood a Roman Catholic immigrant from Ireland. If he applies his own warped thinking, he and his family should leave the UK to make the NHS ‘better’.

How the Communist Party Founded the Principle of the NHS


Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Soviet Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics: Part II – The State and the Individual – Articles 42 – 43:

‘Citizen of the USSR have the right to health provision. This right is ensured by free, qualified medical care provided by State Health Institutions: by extension of the network of therapeutic and health-building institutions: by the development and improvement of safety and hygiene in industry: by carrying out broad prophylactic measures: by measures to improve the environment: by special care for the health of the rising generation, including prohibition of child labour, excluding the work done by children as part of the school curriculum: and by developing research to prevent and reduce the incidence of disease and ensure citizens a long and active life. (Article 42)

Citizens of the USSR have the right to maintenance in old age, in sickness, and in the event of complete or partial disability or loss of the breadwinner. This right is guaranteed by social insurance of workers and other employees and collective farmers: by allowances for temporary disability: by the provision by the State or collective farms of retirement pensions, disability pensions, and pensions for loss of the breadwinner: by providing employment for the partially disabled: by care for the elderly and the disabled: and by other forms of social security.’ (Article 43)

(Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, Moscow, 1985) – Pages 30-31.

Although the British Labour Party instigated the National Health Service in the UK in 1948, it was not the Labour Party that first ‘invented’ or ‘developed’ this idea. The Labour Government of 1945-1950 undertook a radical redistribution of wealth based primarily upon the 1942 Beveridge Report, which suggested that it might be in the best interests of the Bourgeois British State if it took measures to make the lives better for the hundreds of thousands of returning working class men who had been trained in the military and hardened in battle. No doubt this was a shrewd move designed to prevent a Socialist Revolution initiated by a disgruntled population. Of course, Winston Churchill was opposed to any ‘Socialist’ reform that would help the working class achieve a better life, and actively campaigned against it – the main reason he lost the 1945 election. Where did the Labour Party get the idea for a fully comprehensive healthcare system delivered ‘free’ at the point of use, but which was collectively paid for through taxation?

The idea that everyone contributes to the health of the nation was had by VI Lenin as part of the 1917 October Revolution. In fact, during the Soviet period, Russia achieved significant success in creating an effective healthcare system, which – in conjunction with the overall increase (in comparison with the pre-revolutionary State) of the standard of living, literacy and socio-hygienic culture of the population – had a significant and positive impact on the dynamics of mortality. In this process, the Soviet concept of public health development was of particular importance, as it was focused upon mass prevention of infectious and epidemic diseases, through the vaccination and immunization of the entire population. As a result, a country that had experienced many shocks throughout the 20th century, successfully reached the average European level of life expectancy (about 70 years old) by the 1960’s. The Soviet idea of a NHS system unfolded logically over decades, and permeated every aspect of Soviet life. Even by the late 1930’s and early 1940’s it was clear that this service delivered ‘free’ at the point of use was highly effective for the entirety of society. Although between 27 – 40 million men, women and children were either killed or wounded during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), and considering the material destruction caused by the invading Nazi German war machine, the Soviet NHS, with its focus of particular resources to specific areas of the population and the country, the USSR recovered remarkably quickly.

In the old days, before the rise of Blairite ‘New’ Labour, many Labour members held Socialist viewpoints and were impressed by what the Soviet Union had achieved. It is obvious that the Labour Government of 1945 copied the Soviet healthcare system and tailored it to function throughout the British isles.  Therefore, it must be historically acknowledged that it was the Communist Party of the Soviet Union that devised and applied the principles through which the British NHS functions. It is a remarkable achievement that the British Labour Party managed to apply a Communist healthcare system to a bourgeois, capitalist State, and that the NHS has lasted as long as it has. It may be also stated with truth that the Tory (and LibDems) policy of getting rid of the NHS is inevitable within a bourgeois, capitalist State. The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) fully supports the NHS because the NHS is a ‘Socialist’ healthcare system that benefits the and empowers the collective population. The NHS may well function within a bourgeois, capitalist society, but the fact remains that its idea is entirely ‘Communist’ in origin. This does not mean that everyone who works in the NHS is a Socialist or Communist, far from it, but whatever their political views, up until fairly lately their interaction with the general public has been one of preserving the general health and relieving suffering. Lifting up the people and relieving their suffering are two foundational points of Communist thinking.

London ‘Save the NHS’ March (3.2.2018)


In 2012, the Tory-LibDems Coalition ‘privatised’ the NHS through the Health and Social Care Act. This legislation was opposed by the Labour Party, but voted through by the Tory and LibDems Members of Parliament. This act effectively abolished the Socialist principle of comprehensive healthcare delivered free at the point of use to everyone (collectively paid for through taxation). All safeguards that ensured that GPs and hospital administration adhered to the Socialist principle were removed and the pathway was cleared for private healthcare firms to purchase large parts of the NHS and transition it to a dramatically reduced, cynical and dangerous ‘paid for’ medical service. The Tories have been pursuing this policy of privatising the NHS whilst denying the reality of their actions. This deceptive Tory procedure has been described as ‘privatisation through stealth’. As GPs refuse to diagnose illnesses, and hospital provision diminishes, people are dying in their thousands across the UK due to medical neglect. Today, the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and the Young Communist League (YCL) joined tens of thousands around the UK in Marching to ‘Save the NHS’. The NHS was created in 1948 by the Labour Government and was premised upon the ‘free’ medical system established by Lenin in the Soviet Union. My family marched through London with many Comrades – including Dr Martin Graham – the Branch Secretary of the Croydon Branch. He and I discussed a remarkable array of subjects as the rain poured and the Red Flags fluttered in the cold wind. Mei-An – who is now 5 years old, has been marching since about 7 months old – but today she carried a Red Flag of her own and marched the entire route for the first time! We must fight for the NHS and all the people who rely upon it for survival now and in the future!






















UK: Tips for Surviving Flu – Winter (2018)


With the incumbant (rightwing) Tory Administration (that has already been found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the UN in 2016), Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has been subjected to a vicious and highly accelerated ‘privatisation’ process that has seen hundreds of hospitals, GP Surgeries, Health Centres and Community Medical Services ‘cut’ and/or sold into the private sector. This greed-led process has compromised the principle of all healthcare in the UK being paid for ‘collectively’ through taxation, and delivered ‘free’ at the point of use. Millions of ordinary people in the UK are now being left with deficient or no effective healthcare. Coupled with the simultaneous dismantling of the Welfare State, the British media is reporting that between 2010-2017, the ‘Austerity’ policies of the Tories (and LibDems) have led to the deaths of around 120,000 people. What is making matters worse for ordinary British people is that the UK media and British Medical Association (BMA) are colluding with this privatisation process, and ignoring the intense suffering being caused.

In the US at the moment (around the California area), there is a particularly virulent strain of influenza currently spreading through the population. Many US Citizens – even those who possess private health insurance – are dying from this disease. All indications suggest that this flu has now spread to the UK and can be seen to be creating intense suffering in Cornwall and Scotland. This is not to say that it does not exist in England – it does – but it has spread very fast through the Celtic areas – areas that are known for their poor medical infrastructures (due to Tory NHS cuts). I have heard that many local GPs are colluding with government privatisation plans and deliberately ‘withholding’ adequate medical treatment. This is being done to ‘force’ ordinary British people into ‘paying’ for private healthcare – in the meantime, people are dying and no one is being held responsible for these deaths. This being case, we must take measures to protect our own health.

1) Face Masks. Surgical face masks are already popular in Japan and China, and many US Citizens are now wearing them to prevent the spread of air-borne flu.

2) Healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

3) Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. It is a good idea to regularly take a multivitamin and mineral supplement together with flaxseed (or equivalent). Immunace is one of the better examples designed to boost the immune system.

4) Echinacea boosts the white blood cells and helps the body resist and fight infection.

5) Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that triggers the defenses of the body (through adrenal stimulation), and is highly effective in preventing the catching of diseases, and the fighting of diseases already present.

6) Black Elderberry Syrup is often referred to as a natural anti-biotic that can shorten the symptoms of influenza.

Of course, if you have access to a doctor that is still delivering a service, always seek professional medical advice before taking any of these supplements. If access to a GP is limited, then contact a Pharmacist. All these supplements are available over the counter without prescription, and it is entirely up to individuals to educate themselves in the face of the tyranny currently being administered against the British people. Remember, vote Labour to get these terrible and murderous Tories out of power – and share your survival knowledge with one another!

The View from Inside a Privatised NHS


The way things work in the UK is like this. Those who are ‘salaried’ and work in middle class professions are quite happy to accept ‘Austerity’, the privatisation of the NHS and the dismantling of the Welfare State, because they think it has nothing to do with them, their families or their descendents. If the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News do not report the UN finding the Tories and LibDems Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (in 2016), or that at least 120,000 British people have died between 2010-2017 from cuts in benefits and healthcare – then it has not happened and does not exist! This is middle class apathy and its collusion with the forces of democratically elected fascism. A GP friend of the family warned us (in 2012) that the NHS had been privatised and that charges will be in-place by 2017. The problems the Tories have experienced is that their LibDems chums have been eradicated at the polls, and that a Socialist-sounding Jeremy Corbyn has attracted an unexpected following throughout the UK (although Labour still lost the 2017 General Election). This has delayed the roll-out of a nation-wide private healthcare system which the Tories are planning, whereby all FREE healthcare is to be scrapped and replaced by regular insurance payments for minimal treatment (which will be justified through a massive media campaign which demonizes those who still expect ‘free’ NHS treatment at the point of use). Those who require further treatment will have to pay more (despite already paying for medical treatment through income tax). Now, as matters stand, some people are already ‘paying’ for treatments considered ‘too expensive’ for the NHS to provide, and the NHS is actively withholding appropriate diagnosis and treatment from ill or injured patients (the implication being that those who want to save their lives must ‘pay’ for treatment). Finally, the reason the Tories and LibDems have been able to do this to the British nation is because of the neo-conservative policies of New Labour under Blair and Brown (and their failure to reverse one Thatcherite cut or reform). Blair’s ‘Private Finance initiate’ (PFI) simply paved the way for the NHS to be infiltrated by self-serving, money-grabbing private businesses. A colleague of mine worked for the Audit Commission in 2009 when she was asked to attend a meeting (along with around 100 other Audit Commission employees) with a New Labour government minister. This New Labour minister informed the audience that New Labour was going to sell-off the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State, and intended to achieve this feat over a 15 year period. The Audit Commission were to be given the job of ‘selling’ and ‘administering’ this New Labour policy to the general public. Perhaps what we are seeing here, is the reality that all political parties represent the bourgeois establishment and are committed to attacking the working class in a relentless fashion.

NHS Shut-Down Checklist (2017) – Sutton (London)


Sutton NHS GPs have colluded to shut-down 3 GP Surgeries by ‘merging’ them into one single building – that is the GP Surgery situated In Robinhood Lane. Robinhood Lane GP Surgery is a purpose-built structure paid for by tax-payers’ money – but half of it is used by a ‘private’ GP Surgery. Next door is a special building used by people with disabilities (including a special needs gymnasium). This building is being closed down and its space used to accommodate the other three GP Surgeries (these Surgeries are being moved into the centre of Sutton from outlying areas – leaving those people with no local GP access). When I asked who authorised this sudden ‘cut’ of disability services, I was told that their was no information that could be given to me. This seems like a continuation of the Tory attack upon Britain’s disabled with the added twist that it is being incorporated into cutting of the NHS. As matters stand, the NHS shuts-down at 2pm in hospitals – with people such as surgeons and consultants switching to the treatment of ‘private’ patients whilst using NHS premises and equipment. New Labour brought-in this practice, and this is why NHS patients have to wait months (or years) to receive an operation. The queue can be jumped simply by paying. GP Surgeries actually work four full days a week (as part of stopping free treatment), but these cuts are hidden by the fact that a GP Surgery can supply the equivalent of these hours in any format they see fit. For instance, a GP Surgery might open six days a week, but keep all appointments within a set limit of hours. This charade is maintained by making patients having to wait weeks to see a doctor of their choice. GP Surgeries might also open early in the morning, late at night, or at weekends, giving the false impression that a full service is still in operation – it is not. This is the rationing of appointments. If a child who is five or under is ill, then most GP Surgeries will grant an ’emergency’ appointment whilst making it clear the schedule is ‘full’, however, when the family arrive at the GP Surgery they are surprised to find it ’empty’. This is because they have arrived whilst the GP Surgery is ‘closed’. Once the appointment barrier is over-come, GPs then treat the patient as a drain on material resources and deliberately withhold diagnosis and treatment. Preventing the patient seeing a consultant is a top priority, whilst limiting prescribed drugs is another. Where possible, NHS GPs are pushing ‘private’ prescriptions to save their Surgery money. This is the rationing of prescription drugs and services. Another barrier often encountered here, is the issuing of prescriptions for ‘cheap’,  sub-standard (or ‘generic’) medicines which are not as effective as their more expensive counter-parts. All these problems can be over-come if the patient decides to ‘pay’. Let this be a warning to you.

Ousting the Odious LibDems Out of Sutton (28.9.2017)!



The LibDems – as part of the ‘Coalition’ government with the Tories 2010-2015 – were complicit in the privatisation of the NHS and the dismantling of the British Welfare State. The LibDems (along with the Tories) were also found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the United Nations (UN) in 2016 for the deaths of an estimated 10,000 people with disabilities in the UK – as a direct result of welfare cuts, NHS treatment, and social services. The LibDems certainly have blood on their hands – and are unfit as a ‘conservative’ party to govern either nationally or locally. In Sutton the LibDems tried to privatise the bins in the late 1990’s – but local people rebelled then and the decision was reversed. This year (2017), saw the LibDems ‘monetise’ our rubbish yet again with a ‘new’ privatisation plan involving the complete disregard of local opinion. We need to get a Labour MP into Parliament representing Sutton and Cheam, and a Labour-led Local Council in Sutton and Cheam to facilitate a real change. Do not be fooled by so-called ‘independent’ candidates – as they are usually closet Tories, or members of the far-right.

May Fiddles Whilst the NHS Burns!


Having family members and friends that work in the NHS – I can tell you that no matter how bad you think things are – they are far worse! Any member of NHS that voices concern about privatised or cut services is immediately suspended (without pay), and then ‘sacked’ for telling the truth. People are dying because of NHS privatisation and the slow transition to ‘private’ healthcare. Entire swathes of the population are not receiving adequate or required medical diagnosis and/or treatment, and the infant mortality rate for the UK – one of the richest countries in the world – is steadily increasing. As the government cuts the NHS wage budget, hospitals across the UK are having to cut staff that have trained and practised for years (a process called ‘de-skilling’ by the private health firms) – and due to the lack of funds – are not able to employ new staff. Furthermore, universities are training less NHS staff because the government has cut the NHS education budget. The meagre bursaries for Midwives have been cut, meaning that only White, middle women (with independent means) can afford to train as a Midwife – but even then, private health firms are encouraging ‘new’ Midwives to work within private health sector upon graduation, and avoid the NHS. Since the Con-Dem Coalition in 2012 effectively abolished the NHS, it is nolonger illegal to withhold treatment from a patient, and nolonger considered ‘manslaughter’, should a patient die from neglect. (one famous case involved a man who telephoned the police from his hospital bed in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, stating that he was not being treated correctly – the police refused to act and this man died shortly after, from malnutrition and thirst.) The British people are being conned by Theresa May and her crackpot Tories – who have increased the speed with which hospitals, healthcare centres, and emergency units are being closed down (and the premises sold-off to private developers – usually to build luxury flats). This is a national tragedy of epic proportions made worse by a politically illiterate and apathetic voting population. This entire process is aided and abetted by local GPs who are colluding with this entire process simply to line their own pockets. GPs are withholding treatment, refusing to allow their patients to see Consultants, referring NHS patients to private hospitals (for a commission), and proscribing second or third rate (and often out of date or obsolete) drugs – with the inference that if the patient wants good quality healthcare – then they should pay for private treatment. The irony is that the British tax-payer has already paid many times over for the best quality healthcare to be delivered ‘free at the point of use’ – leaving the question which asks what is this Tory government doing with all this tax revenue? The only hope for the British NHS is the election of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!


Tory’s Two Child ‘Rape’ Policy for Britain’s Poor


Since 2010, the righting Tories (assisted nationally and locally by the Liberal Democrats), have used the excuse of the mishandling of economy by the bankers (and the subsequent loss of billions of pounds as a consequence), to initiate and rage a ruthless ideologically-led attack on Britain’s working class, and the poorest elements of it. The NHS has been privatised and sold-off, and the Welfare System has been dismantled. This ‘slash and burn’ mentality has also been applied to the police, Local Councils and Social Services, with the harvested money simply being ‘given’ to the greedy bankers and their big corporate supporters. The profit margins of the rich have been secured – whilst people with disabilities have died in their thousands – a fact acknowledged by the United Nations (UN) in 2016, when the Tory (and LibDem) government was found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

Benefits that were once ‘universal’ (such as Child Benefit), have been cut (alongside ‘Maternity Grants’), effectively limiting working class people to having just ‘two’ children. As matters stand, a small amount of Child Benefit is paid by the State for the first child, and a smaller amount for the second child – whilst any subsequent child receives ‘NO’ benefit payment whatsoever. Whereas rich people view Child Benefit as something of a ‘quaint’ joke (saving it up for months on end, for a single shopping spree at Hamleys), ordinary people have no other option than to try and live on this small payment. Now, this odious Tory government has issued guidelines stating that a woman with more than ‘two’ children must ‘prove’ that she was ‘raped’ for the pregnancies of children from number three upwards – and not be in regular contact with, or living near ‘the rapist’. If a woman can prove that every pregnancy after the 2nd child was the result of being ‘raped’, then the Tory government will grant those children a small amount of benefit to keep starvation at bay.

Government under fire over new child tax credit form for rape victims

London: Save Our NHS March (4.3.2017)



Despite the British people voting for ‘Brexit’ for the UK to leave the European Union (EU), the Tory government is continuing to ‘privatise’ the NHS.  This why a protest march was arranged with people gathering between 11am – 1pm – in Tavistock Square (near Russell Square Tube Station) – and marching to Parliament Square. This political activism saw tens of thousands of people from all backgrounds, and political affiliations, come together in London today, to collectively protest the Tory plans to shut-down the Socialist NHS – which since 1948 has delivered top-notch medical treatment free at the point of use – and sell-off all its assets to private medical insurance companies, and private healthcare corporations, many based in the USA. This means that ordinary people in the UK will have to take-out ‘private’ medical healthcare insurance to pay for their treatment, but the reality is that only the already fit, young, or very rich will be granted this ‘private’ health-cover, and all those who are injured, elderly, disabled or terminally ill, will be left with no cover because the ‘private’ health insurance companies view these masses of people as being a terrible financial burden and unacceptable ‘risk’ in the business of making ‘profit’ out of other people’s misery. As matters stand, the NHS is currently funded by National Insurance Contributions (a form of tax) which is spread over the entire British population. Since the time of Margaret Thatcher, even people receiving State Benefit pay tax, as the amount they receive is reduced at source. The problem is that the New Labour government introduced the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) which saw internal markets open within the NHS, and began the process of selling-off large chunks of the NHS to private companies unaccountable to the British people. In 2012, the Tory and LibDem Coalition effectively privatised the NHS (in accordance with EU directives), and removed the last of the Socialist guidelines that had governed the NHS since its inception. It is no longer a legal requirement for a GP or a NHS hospital to ‘treat’ a patient (now termed a ‘client’), or if treated, not given appropriate treatment. This change makes it easier for private healthcare firms to ‘buy’ parts of the NHS and run them into the ground for profit. These trends must be reversed, and to do this, the UK requires a Socialist Labour Party in power. Just as Margaret Thatcher changed the onus from ‘care’ to ‘cost’, a Socialist Labour Party must abolish the exploitative concept of ‘cost’ and return the NHS to a ‘caring’ ethos. Lastly, prior to 1948, only the Soviet Union had a fully comprehensive healthcare system delivering free treatment at the point of use. The British Labour government of 1945 was not without its faults, but it did emulate the Soviet model.





There was a substantial leftwing presence on this march, including Socialists, Communists, and elements of the Labour Party (which still possesses a Marxist presence that is generally well-hidden from the public eye). Although the political purpose of this march should (and does) take precedence over any and all personal hardships that we experience getting to, or participating in the march, as a family we would like to thank the many male and female Comrades who helped us carry our daughter up the 175 steps at Russell Square Tube Station – due to over-bearing crowds alighting the tube and trying to get out via the lifts or the stairs. As one of the lifts was broken, we decided to attempt the stairs which spiralled through a narrow corridor, and which saw many able-boded people stopping for breath at various points. Our push-chair contained our young daughter Kai-Lin, and had our various bags hanging from it. At various points, very kind people took it in-turns to help lift our push-chair and climb those long and winding stairs!  Throughout the entire process, Kai-Lin stayed asleep. When we finally reached day-light, we needed a minute or two to get our breath – and dodge the parasitic Socialist Workers Party (which always attempts to hijack popular protests without actually taking part in any march).

































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