China Must Stay Unified and Strong!

Author’s Note: We must avoid the trap of open war with the US – which is what the Trump Admiistration is trying to concoct , with Hong Kong being the flash-point – and exactly why the PLA has not been deployed to crush the pro-Western thugs currently committing crime on its streets. The US wants to use Taiwan as a launching-pad for an invasion of Mainland China – hence the sudden and dramatic increase of neo-fascist rhetoric emanating that province. Thise Taiwanese who oppose this policy will be allowed to stay on my page – but those that side with the US will be permanently ‘banned’. I will also supply their names to the relevant agencies and prevent travel to and from the Mainland. Life will get very hard for those who assist US aggression. ACW (11.10.2019)

Whereas the ideology of capitalism seeks to exploit by ‘carving up’ and in ‘separating’ (a highly destructive process often presented in the guise of securing ‘freedom’ for those being oppressed), the counter-ideology of Socialism seeks to empower through strengthening and enhancing the cohesive forces already latent within society that naturally gravitate toward a ‘collective’ identity. Just as the imperialist Europeans ‘carved-up’ Africa, the neo-imperialists of the US seek to ‘carve-up’ China today. Why is this? The answer is simple, a disunified nation is far easier to dominate and exploit than a nation which has secured its sovereignty and has confidently taken its place within the world community. Whereas US hegemony relies heavily upon the manufacture and maintenance of anti-intellectualism at home, China’s national cohesion lies in the contrary process. Socialist empowerment through literacy and every child receiving a good education is the key. Whereas the US System represents the ignorant domination of the enriched few over the impoverished masses, China operates the exact opposite. From the grass-roots upwards, the People’s Republic continuously shares the wealth of ‘education’. Being able to think clearly enhances both the wealth of the nation (through good behaviour and selfless contributions to the common weal), the strength of the individual and ultimately secures China’s very strong presence in the world. Socialism produces clever people who enrich their countries by transforming the world for the better (through science, medicine and technology, etc). Capitalist countries, by way of contrast, generate ignorant people who join the police and the military and become mindless servants of the oppressive State, enforcing upon others the inequalities that have defined their own existences.  

Indeed, working to spread capitalist ignorance is the prime-mover of ALL neo-fascist and neo-Nazi movements, as well as ALL the so-called US-backed ‘freedom’ movements that seek to destroy unity and the power of collective organisation and bargaining. Whereas the ‘individualism’ advocated by the supporters of capitalism is the basis of much of the issues surrounding mental health in the West, the collectivism of the Socialist System not only generates clever people – but also happy people. To dominate China, the West must break-up its collective coherency through bogus claims for various areas to be ‘Independent’, for the people living therein to be truly ‘free’. This is an irrational belief system rather like that which justifies and informs ‘faith’ based religious systems, which has no basis in fact and has no proof in reality. By destroying Socialism in China, the collective wealth of that country, (just like that of the USSR) will be stolen by the Western capitalists and the Chinese people will be impoverished and disempowered en masse.  Those ethnic Chinese people who call for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao or Tibet to be ‘Independent’ are actively participating in the destruction of the Chinese nation and are TRAITORS of the worst kind! There is only ONE China and it must stay unified and strong in the face of Western aggression! Long Live the People’s Republic of China!  

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