Khmer Rouge Solidarity Poster


Although it is often stated that no documentary evidence exists regarding Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979) – this is not strictly true (as this blog section seeks to prove). We need as much objective information as possible as a means to consider history and the most likely of events as they unfolded. The above poster is from a Russian language article which follows the general modern Russian habit of conflating Adolf Hitler with Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot (Pol Pot has been widely reported as studying the works of Stalin):

Typical Disinformation Common in Mordern Russia Today

Of course, this is the internalisation within modern Russian discourse of US anti-Soviet (ahistorical) Cold War disinformation and this political illiteracy maybe treated with the contempt it deserves. On the other hand, the British Labour and Tory Governments did support the Khmer Rouge (as this article quite rightly suggests), with sympathetic newspaper articles writing about the ‘brave’ Khmer Rouge fighters resisting the tyranny of the invading Vietnamese, together with rumours that the British SAS was in the Cambodian jungles training these ‘Communist’ fighters in the secret arts of covert warfare! Although this article makes no mention of Pol Pot being in the CIA – the conclusion that the Khmer Rouge were somehow ‘aligned’ with the US is strongly suggested! However, we must be careful with the flow of information and take nothing at face value.


Russian Language Source:

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