The Challenge Pol Pot Sets the Communist Cause!

Pol Pot – Elected President of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979)

The reason all kinds of allegations can be made about the Khmer Rouge is because its stint in power was relatively short-lived (around 3 years and 8 months), and very little documentary evidence survives. Although the Khmer Rouge was supported by Communist China at the time (opposing US imperialism in the region, and a Socialist Vietnam that had sided with the USSR), today, many in China repeat the official narrative of Pol Pot committing ‘genocide’ with little or no objective investigation. His regime is viewed as a far-left deviation, with many Chinese tourists travelling to modern Cambodia and then uncritically ‘blogging’ about what they saw and read there. We are expected to believe that in just under 4 years this impoverished country with a population of 8 million, suffered 1.7 million deaths at the hands of a Communist regime! Nazi Germany, as an advanced industrialised country was able to kill millions in an efficient manner due to its scientific, industrial and military infrastructure – Kampuchea had none of this and the Khmer Rouge numbered a very tiny percentage of the population that could have been overthrown at anytime by the majority. As someone who has investigated all the Western accusations of ‘Communist massacres’ and found all to be false – I have taken a special interest in this matter. I am certainly not afraid to address the issues. 

Firstly, as a Communist I reject all aspects of capitalism and acknowledge its ongoing project to oppress the masses for profit, and perpetuate continuous deaths upon the people. A recent academic report states that the US Military – since the end of 1945 – has killed upwards of 20 million people around the world, with the British (Tory-LibDems) Government (between 2010-2016) killing 120,000 people in the UK by way of its Austerity programme. People die from the injustices of capitalism all the time, but these deaths are blamed on the individuals themselves, and not the exploitative economic system they are made to live under. This is ironic as the average capitalist considers his or her economic system to be far safer than any Communist System (despite the fact that the West is being left ever further behind by the scientific and cultural developments in China, North Korea and Cuba, etc). Now, with regard to the Khmer Rouge regime, Pol Pot was never arrested when alive and this must be seriously questioned. Everyone knew where he was in the jungles of Northern Cambodia, but the UN or Cambodian Government failed to move on him. He died in 1998 a free man despite some localised (but ineffective) legal proceedings. I am told that the Cambodian Government could not move on Pol Pot because he remained very popular amongst the Cambodian populace (a very strange situation considering the allegations made against him), and that the UN could not take any direct action against him because there was no real evidence to convict him at the time. It was believed that a legal defense team could prove that many (if not all) of the alleged victims died in US bombing raids, Vietnamese Army offensives and internecine conflicts, and were not the victims of a deliberately perpetuated  ‘genocide’ – which is viewed as a contrivance fabricated by an occupying Vietnamese Army (and its US backers) between 1979-1989.  

The problem we have as Communists is the UN finding Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge guilty of ‘Communist Genocide’ in 2014, following an uncritical investigation that ignored the US atrocities carried-out throughout the region over many years, or the deaths inflicted by the 100,000-strong Vietnamese Army which began its most fatal invasion in 1978. This UN investigation ignored the extant Khmer Rouge documentation that stated ‘equality’ for all citizens, or its plans to rebuild the nation after decades of war. Perhaps the most damning problem with this UN Report is that it happened in 2014 – the year the US Obama Administration – initiated the neo-Nazi take-over of Western Ukraine by the fascist ‘Maidan’ regime which subsequently committed War Crimes against the population! President Obama – whilst encouraging the condemnation of the Khmer Rouge – also encouraged the widespread ‘renazification‘ of large sections of Eastern Europe simply because these regimes habour anti-Russian attitudes! 


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