The Importance of ‘Energy’ as a ‘Medicine’


I have no interest in the business that is Energy Medicine (indeed, I believe all healing should be ‘free’), and even less interest in this or that method peddled throughout social media as a ‘cure-all’ for all maladies. Energy Medicine is ‘real’ if the concept is defined as curative self-effort that uses logic and reason in various and unique ways. This can include a ‘belief’ (although not a ‘blind faith’) in the method at hand, despite the fact that I acknowledge how desperate people can be considering their inner well-being and its occasional malfunctioning. If a blind-faith helps at a certain point in your healing, then so be it, just as long as you keep an open mind for realities beyond this. Energy Medicine differs from modern medicine in one major and defining point. Whereas modern medicine is the sum-total of the thinking and labour of thousands of others over the years (which is applied from an external source to our illnesses and injuries), Energy Medicine is comprised exclusively of ‘self-effort’ and self-applied methods and techniques which we must apply (with discipline and correct methodology) upon our minds and bodies. Much of this evolves around enhanced breathing techniques either as solitary (standalone exercises) or performed through the various forms of yoga, dance, Taijiquan (and other martial arts), as well as mind-control techniques such as hypnosis and meditation, either secular or connected with Buddhist, Daoist Christian or Hindu spiritual beliefs, amongst others. This includes Paganism and Heathenism, as well as various diets (and fasting) as well as inspiration speaking, genuine Wicca, and the studying the vast subject of nature awareness and nature appreciation. Such abstract subjects such as appreciating paintings, drawings, sculpture or the myriad forms of architecture can be included within the realms of Energy Medicine, as can reading inspiration political, philosophical spiritual or other uplifting texts. Perhaps a more modern version of Energy Medicine might involve watching films with deep, unusual, or paradigm-shifting narratives. What must not be forgotten is the use of music to facilitate transformative states of mind and body – perhaps one of the oldest forms of Energy Medicine, although gardening and planting fruit and vegetables might come a close second. These are cultural vehicles for developing understanding and attempting a cure of the many possible psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical ailments that humans (and animals) can develop and encounter. As humanity has evolved and developed culture, modern medicine is just one (albeit very important) strand of this understanding, but this extraordinary development should not obscure the importance of the curative nature of culture, or the deep need for human-beings to treat one another (and animals) with a healing love and compassion!  

Adrian Chan-Wyles – Written with love for humanity in Torquay (2.6.2019) 

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